To the editors:

If Robert McClory is at least half right in his piece on WFMT [March 20], I have no trouble in determining that Robert Wilcox is the heavy by a long shot. Despite your elegant photograph of him in a posh club I regard him as a Neanderthal man in a Brooks Brothers suit. These cultural leapfrog shenanigans of lying low like vultures while daring, hardworking creative people like Nordstrand, Pellegrini, Bernie and Rita Jacobs et al build up a nourishing institution to have modern Visigoths swoop in for the kill have been tolerated far too long. This is a classic verification of the cliche “if it is not broke — don’t fix it” and all of the claptrap about Nordstrand’s presumed “paternalism” and “unorthodoxy” is nothing less than a disguised shield for a bunch of sleazeballs to utilize legal stealth and phony public accountability to superimpose themselves upon a seminal cultural institution that they neither understand or care about and I am going to join the “Friends of WFMT” as soon as possible so that we can try for a cultural restoration.

John Mayhew

W. North