To the editors:

About once a year we get a piece reviewing the situation at WFMT. The most recent, in your issue of March 20, covers the familiar things well and has some fresh perspectives. But I am amazed that writers always permit themselves to get hung up on conspicuous personalities (Studs Terkel) and the front office (Ray Nordstrand) and fail to take a close look at the man who decides what goes on the air and what is silenced, that master Machiavellian, Norman Pellegrini. For me that means a central portion of the WFMT story is always ignored. Actually, a grasp of the division of power between Nordstrand and Pellegrini, and how it has evolved over the years, is central to understanding what is really going on at the station. I ought to know. WFMT owes a large part of one of its Peabody Awards to me.

Robert C. Marsh

Chicago Sun-Times