I am responding to the very scholarly letters from Matt Segur and Mike Trimble [March 15], who rightfully criticized the “Hot and Bothered” article of Ted Kleine regarding our supposed changing climate [March 8]. Obviously Segur and Trimble are using the same “facts” that guided several of our recent administrations–in particular Ronald the First and George the Second. It is insidious propaganda from the far left that makes the outlandish claim that the USA is wrong for not controlling CO2 emissions.

Perhaps the gentlemen have a logical explanation of the Antarctic ice collapse designated Larson B, which is 650 feet thick with a surface area the size of Rhode Island. The mass of ice that disintegrated in less than a month is only 500 million billion tons, a mere pittance easily explained. Likewise the average Antarctic increase of four degrees F during the last five years is no doubt all myth. The fact that the Larson ice shelf has endured for more than 12,000 years, which included periods of heating and cooling, can’t possibly be related to the global-warming myth. Thanks again for enlightening me. I no longer fear global warming.

Jay Woldenberg

N. Trumbull