Mr. Conroy,

Thank you for doing your job, as a member of the press and getting this news out there to people like myself, who otherwise would not have heard it or seen it. You are an excellent journalist and that is a phenomenal article [“Killed on Camera” by John Conroy, April 20].

What resources do we have, other than to complain to high-powered officials who barely notice us? I think we are so jaded now that the fact that this person was shot is meaningless to us, there was loss of human life and we don’t care enough to reprimand the people responsible. I hate to make ignorant assumptions, but as soon as I saw the still of the men in the footage, I thought “Oh, they are black, here we go again.” I know I sound like a racist but I am also beginning to get a bit tired of it “always” being a black person in these instances of corruption or crime or what have you.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to allow this sort of thing to go on, even if the person killed was not a “good” person, which of course we don’t know. He was still a human being who deserved to be treated much like a white guy would be treated by a white cop in Lincoln Park. This murder is outrageous. I think a poor excuse for a police officer should be tried as any other person.

Kudos on your fantastic journalism and for keeping the Chicago Reader a better source of news than most.