To the editors:

Re: 26th Aug. & 21st Oct. THE STRAIGHT DOPE.

Since: E=mc2=8(3.141592654 . . . [pi]T= Infinity. Q.e.f. energy, mass (relatively), the speed of light, thermodynamics, special relativity and quantum mechanics don’t matter since they are not to the right of G, Einstein’s geodesic of gravity, the curvature of space. The change of [delta] G depends on 8[pi], the metric of symmetry (a constant approx.= 25.13274123 . . . ); T, the tensor of time warpage (due to work); general relativity and infinity (an intangibility). Barring immeasurability [an intangibility], G is dependent on the value of the change of T. Doing the work causes an attractive pervasion in/of the field of space/time [i.e. gravity wave(s)], which shrink space and slow time, so that things don’t escape to infinity faster than light; thus no change of weight.

Or, there is no such thing as antigravity in reality.

Peter Hall Bunnell

Washington, D.C.

Cecil Adams replies:

Easy for you to say.