Dear Reader,

I spent a considerable amount of time speaking with Jeff Huebner for his November 1 cover story “The In Crowd” on Lynne Warren and the curation of “Art in Chicago, 1945-1995” at the MCA, only to find myself edited out of the piece. The gist of my concerns was that the show, with but a literal handful of exceptions, is actually a history of Art in Chicago 1945-’90, with any artists of note who emerged on the scene after 1990 basically passing under the radar of Lynne Warren undetected. Picking some artists for the show off the walls of collectors is, to a degree, understandable, but more weight should be given to actual artistic achievement, whatever the era. Many younger artists of significance to the current art community are not in these collections, having emerged as the bottom fell out of the art market in the late 80s, and will not get their due in this important survey because of this. More’s the pity, because they are the present and future of art in Chicago who could most use the exposure of an exhibition such as “Art in Chicago.”

Joel Leib


Ten in One Gallery