Dear Editor,

This is a response to the letter from Mari Gallagher, the executive director of DevCorp North [February 13]. As a nearby resident of the Gateway development, I welcome the project [Neighborhood News, January 16]. I don’t find anything essentially noble about an area being poor. But really, Ms. Gallagher, whom do you think you are kidding? Everyone knows what the purpose of a nonprofit economic development corporation is. You as director are beholden to the board of directors. Attend as many community meetings as you like. In the end what is best for the businessmen will be implemented.

One more thing. If I see the phrase “full-service grocery store” one more time I think I’ll puke. Besides, as I’m sure you are aware, a large grocery store recently opened a block away from the development. I’m happy to say that I feel whole now due to the “full service” I received.

Steven Weiss

W. Fargo