What’s in a community name? [“Down on Uptown,” April 3.] What images do you conjure when considering Chicago’s neighborhoods? Despite the “negative connotation” that Uptown conjures for some, this is a vibrant community with many individuals and organizations actively pursuing its betterment. Due to their efforts, Uptown is thriving with expanding residential and commercial opportunities, and thankfully, its diversity will remain intact. The fact is that all communities have challenges and problems. A community’s conditions are the collective responsibility of its members. It is the charge of all residents, businesses, and local officials to collaborate and initiate civic improvements.

Do not blithely expect that your neighborhood is due to be “transformed” or regain its old prominence. Donate your time and energies to your local block club. You are either part of a solution by accepting your responsibility or tacitly enabling urban problems.

Sean Keenan

Uptown Chicago Commission