EXTRA! EXTRA! Female journalist, girlfriend to a hip-hop performer, bashes the entire Warped Tour, except for the hip-hop performers [“Punk Is Dead! Long Live Punk!” August 20]! Dedicating only one sentence to great causes like PunkVoter.com, PETA, and the Syrentha Savio Endowment (breast cancer awareness), and not even mentioning the female-empowering Girlz Garage; the fact that due to punk bands protesting their presence, the armed forces recruiters pulled out of the tour; the consistent politics being discussed in front of tens of thousands of people by bands like Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, NOFX, Rise Against, (International) Noise Conspiracy. These same bands spent their days out at tents meeting their die-hard fans. But our hero Jessica, girlfriend to a hip-hop performer, claims the hip-hop tent “offered the only respite from the ever-present feeling of being marketed to.”

What picture does she choose to grace the cover of your fine weekly? A picture advertising her boyfriend’s tent and record label on the front cover.

I didn’t know predictability, shameless self-indulgent promotion, and the rantings from elitist ex-punkers are qualities the Reader looks for in journalists.

Don’t be fooled, readers; you didn’t get the whole story. Jessica’s just in love, so give her a break.

Tim Baxter

Irving Park

Jessica Hopper replies:

The empowering pink Girlz Garage tent, where you could lounge on pink beanbags, play a small, pink, out-of-tune guitar, and pick up female-oriented marketing samples? Let the revolution begin. What would be really empowering would be for you to not assume that my taste, opinions, and ideas could be so radically colored by my being in luv. For the three weeks I was on the tour, the most vitriolic polemics came out of the Code of the Cutz tent. My boyfriend, incidentally, was not performing in this tent but rather on one of the main stages. Yes, that is his merch tent in the background of one of my photos–but the photo was selected by the editors, most likely because it illustrates my point about the mall-like atmosphere of the Warped campus.