I normally enjoy your feature stories, not just because of the chosen topics but more importantly, the writing. I especially enjoy the length of your articles because they give the reader so much more than conventional newspapers and magazines. However, this week’s edition (Friday, October 18) is more of a personal attack on Christianity and Bill Bennett than an in-depth story on “Swingers: A Love Story.”

The story, along with me, was lost in Savage’s venting rage. (Nobody else saw this?) In the future, if one of your writers has an ax to grind don’t hide it under a false title. I really, really didn’t care to read his penned-up anger and frustration. I was simply curious about swingers. Next time, have the writer send a letter to the person(s) they are pissed at and call a meeting with the leader(s) of the faction they are fighting with. Devote the entire article to the feature story and lose the subplots.


Cleo Powell