Reader folks:

I believe I’ve noticed lately that Jonathan Rosenbaum’s reviews have gotten more and more grouchy and resentful. It could just be me. Is he happy in his job? Is there some personal issue his readers should know about? I have a suggestion. Maybe Mr. Rosenbaum could take the time to write a little retrospective on the movies he reviewed in 2000, which would, in particular, explain why he seems to hate so many of them.

Matthew Baldwin


Jonathan Rosenbaum replies:

With all due respect, it could just be you. I see a lot of dogs, it’s true–often the most prominent movies, the ones with millions of dollars spent on advertising (which may be necessary, considering how bad they are). However, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful if you look beyond the malls. My favorite movie of the year opens here this week (my review is in this section). But thanks for asking.