To the editors:

Our congratulations to Bryan Miller for her insightful interview with Peter Dominowski, WFMT’s new program director. (June 22)

Miller asked questions we’d like to have asked and got the answers we might have predicted. After all, Dominowski has only recently sold WFMT owners on his ability to improve profits through improved “easy listening” programming . . . his answers and comments were “corporate.”

We’re “longtime core listeners” and, as such, recognize the importance of making a business survive–especially when it’s WFMT. Because of this, we remained objective about impending changes . . . until the “bull” commercial aired after a Mozart concerto one morning.

With his mission intact, it does not appear from his remarks that Dominowski considered a transition period from the read commercials to the prerecorded “bull” commercial. This was no “perceived change.” Instead, it strongly resembled the “bull in a china shop” style of management that Dominowski has been unable to disguise. And just think, so far he’s only working part time on this new job!

Anne Carney and Joseph Flaherty

N. Ritchie Ct.