To the editors:

I would like to add another tip to Bill Wyman’s list for newcomers to Chicago [Hitsville, August 20]:

14. Ignore Bill Wyman’s column.

For starters, if you read his column you might begin to think that Chicago only has about ten bands (Urge, Pumpkins, Liz Phair, Dream Day, etc.) since that’s about as cutting edge as he gets. But even more offensive than that is his complete lack of knowledge and history of Chicago’s “underground” scene. Since he wasn’t around when a lot of it was happening, he seems to amass his information from back issues of Option he read in college or something. A perfect example is his constant (well, three times anyway) referral to Rights of the Accused as “bratty punk.” Perhaps that description was accurate when those youngsters started playing their first gigs ELEVEN YEARS AGO. What I’m really trying to say is who is Bill Wyman, where did he come from, and why is he writing about this city’s music scene?

J. Paul McGarry