To the editors:

For years I have been concerned and deeply grieved by the constant menace to fast disappearing indigenous populations. By far the greatest threat has consistently been the technologically powerful and aggressively dominant “white man.”

It is with this preoccupation that I feel compelled to express my outrage at the mendacity of the cartoon cum propaganda ad in the October 4 Reader [Section Two], which pictures a Native American counseling Shamir not to give up land for peace with the Arabs. The cartoon is ludicrous in its falsity, almost like a game of “can you find what’s wrong with this picture?” The message of this cartoon, in identifying Shamir with the victimized, turns truth on its head. Repeating a lie often enough will never turn it into the truth. This fabrication of a lie as “truth” has been a ploy of conquerors and scoundrels throughout the centuries.

The reality is that the land being stolen on a daily basis by illegal settlement is what is left of pre-1948 Palestine: the West Bank and Gaza. That land does not belong to the immigrant from Poland, Shamir, nor to the religious zealots who immigrate from New York, nor does it belong to Soviet Jews who have fled their own country more as economic refugees than because of persecution. The land in question belongs to the fewer than two million Palestinians who are descendants of the biblical Canaanites and Philistines. These indigenous people are threatened not only by the brutal policies of the Israeli government which demolishes their houses, uproots their olive trees, imprisons their children, and has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians since 1948, but by the billions of dollars gratuitously given to Israel by the United States. We, you and I, pay for every settlement that dispossesses and uproots the Palestinian people.

Will another crime against an indigenous population be summarily ignored and discounted as inconsequential and will injustice again triumph?

A pox upon the Academic Committee for Student Information.

Dina DiLorenzo