To the editors:

This is in reference to both Bill Stamets’s review of the SisterSerpents show [Calendar, February 22] and Jonathan Rosenbaum’s reaction to The Silence of the Lambs [“The Ill and the Sick,” February 22].

We find it fascinating that whenever something comes out expressing OUTRAGE at the horror and debasement women live every day of their lives, good, intellectual, liberal, and even “radical” white men squirm in unison.

Aren’t these the same guys who defend their pornography as a fundamental right of MANkind? No, Bill Stamets, SisterSerpents’ imagery is NOT “reverse pornography.” Pornography is the depiction of the torture and degradation of women–depiction which is both preceded by and followed up by butchery of every imaginable sort. This is, in fact, everyday humdrum behavior, acted out by some and well within the limits of proper manly decorum for many.

The reality is that women live 24 hours a day shackled by fear and caution and restraint. Hannibal Lecter is a totally familiar character. What is unfamiliar, “supernatural” even–is the idea that women might no longer go along with the program.

For some men this is obviously terrifying.