To the editors:

Who is the church that R.M. Schultz [Letters, March 13] says exists to lead people out of their own selfish desires? The church is a body of human beings headed by Christ. As a devout Christian who regularly attends church, I can say–as could many others–that some of the most misguided Christians I know are those, both clergy and laity, who confuse their own biases and personal needs with holy inspiration or a calling.

Schultz says that Christ wouldn’t call a woman to a vocation not open to her. Yet Christ called Saint Peter and the other apostles to professions not THEN open to them. Nearly all the apostles and many other early Christians died as martyrs.

Today’s martyrs might be those gay men and all women, lesbians and straight women, who SINCERELY believe that they have a calling to preach and minister, who find themselves rejected and despised by the other members of the body of Christ.

One of the most challenging questions for Christians is whether we are allowing our personal beliefs and interpretations of the Scriptures to take precedence over what Christ taught us and wants us to believe.

Jane Ellingwood

N. LaSalle