To the editors:

The October 22 City File has attorney Elmer Gertz touting Posner’s Case Closed about the JFK murder by saying “It should be forced down the consciousness of Oliver Stone and other falsifiers of history.” That should be a tremendous force-feeding job, as over the years polls have shown a large majority of Americans believe that at least a conspiracy was involved. The last one I saw, in Harper’s, was 68-32.

The establishment doth protest too much about the assassination. Repeatedly it is brought up, to me a sign that the great cover-up is not succeeding.

A week after they killed the president, I wrote to his brother Robert, the attorney general, and quoted Marc Antony: “Pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth, that I am meek and gentle with these butchers.”

I believe that in history the murder of JFK by the right-wing military forces will rank with Caesar’s. Soon followed the massive swing to the right and the strengthening of our plutocracy with dire hurt to the masses of people.

Hank Oettinger

W. Grace