While I certainly do not want to see Washington Park be home to the Olympics, that would be a shame, Ben Joravsky failed to win any points for the story [The Works, May 11]. It comes [off] as the big white mayor abusing poor black citizens, which is hardly news at all in the city of Chicago.

The truth is that there is a lot of activity in the park that is not black. Go there on a Sunday morning and you will see everything from cricket to soccer. While both of these sports were mentioned, neither of them is played by any of the people interviewed. Where are the people from Hyde Park and other people associated with University of Chicago? Do they use the park as well or are they happy to see it go? I say the mayor should really show the city off and build that shit in Grant Park and Lincoln Park. I would be willing to bet that white people would just start spontaneously combusting if he started talking about fucking up Lincoln Park for four years.

Ben Joravsky, if you wanted to save Washington Park from this bullshit fate, then you would not have just talked to the residents. Who the fuck listens to residents of the south side? Get some of the Indian cricket-playing motherfuckers involved or maybe them running assed white people from Hyde Park. As it is, you have condemned the park to a certain death.