To the editors:

Christopher Hill’s otherwise excellent article (“Great Noises of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” July 31) is marred by a few discrepancies. Any “Fab Four” fan worth his salt knows the exclamations in “P.S., I Love You” are not all by Paul McCartney: John Lennon did the “oh-oh-oh,” Paul the “you know I want you to,” and George Harrison the “yea-ea-eah.” Nor did Paul utter the “one-two-three-four” countdown that begins “I Saw Her Standing There”; it’s John. And John sang lead on “Baby, It’s You,” not the “cheat, cheat” chorus (that’s Paul and George). Finally, in listing memorable commands who could ever forget Chicago’s “Stronger right now!” in the midst of “Feeling Stronger Every Day”?

B.K. Lespinasse

W. Thome