Dear Editor,

I was very happy to see Steve Albini’s name being mentioned (“Don’t Blame Punk”) in an otherwise mundane debate over the “punk aesthetic” [Letters, June 9]. (Actually, the punk fanzine Maximum Rock N Roll settled that years ago.) I miss Steve Albini. The Reader should do an article about “selling out” so that your readers would know who is selling out, who hasn’t sold out yet, who wants to sell out but can’t, and who thinks that they’ve sold out but actually have nothing to sell. I will not point fingers inside a broken glass house. I will be the first to admit that I have sold out. How many punks have the “balls” to say that they have sold out?

I used to earn my money street performing outside of Wrigley Field during the baseball season until I was physically assaulted by some Cub fans last summer for one of my many Samuel Beckett parodies. After the strike ended, I continued my curbside theater outside the “friendly” confines, choosing to ignore the taunts and threats of drunken sports fanatics. Quite recently I have approached a representative of a major brewing company who might want to sponsor my playlets during baseball games. Under this beer label I will tour the country performing on top of the home team’s dugout between innings. My critics will say that I have sold out, and they’ll call me a sellout, but I’ll show them who’s selling out when I pack an outdoor concert at Poplar Creek. Jae-ha Kim can insult me all she wants. She can call me boring. She can make fun of my weight problem. She can claim that I’m not qualified to critique contemporary music. But she can’t tell me that she doesn’t have a crush on Bill Wyman. Their public flirting is nauseating. The Reader should stop supporting their gross PDA.

Matt Besser

N. Hermitage