I find it astonishing the organized tantrum thrown by Michael Siegel and the Jewish organizations [Hot Type, November 16] are missing the most important fact: that the Tribune’s commentaries are true!

None of the comments dispute the fact that Israel occupies Palestinian lands, that these lands are stolen from private individuals and that Israel has jeopardized USA interests with their behavior and actions.

Just what does the USA get from their relationship with Israel? For one, we get to finance the lawless actions against Palestinians. We get to continuously veto unanimous UN resolutions condemning Israeli actions. In our present need to cement our coalition, Ariel Sharon leads lawless assassinations of Palestinian leaders, jeopardizing the coalition. When Palestinians retaliated by assassinating tourist minister Zeevi, they squeal like the bully who gets his due. Zeevi, incidentally, was a racist who wanted to expel all Palestinians from their land, a Kahane follower. Israeli actions have rendered Arafat powerless and unable to control his population.

Israel’s apartheid society is not a true democracy. They prohibit Israeli Arabs military service and spend little of their taxes on Arab towns which still have open sewage and inferior living conditions. Israeli governments have never invited Arab members of the Knesset into a coalition government. They would rather invite the most racist parties in the country in.

Finally, I’ve never seen an op-ed article in the Sun-Times in the last three years that presented an Arab point of view! They continuously reproduce pieces from Barbara Amiel (a Hollinger International vice president, of Paris), Daniel Pipes (an Arab hater of the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum), and several from the Jerusalem Post. When I wrote to publisher David Radler about this, I got a letter from a circulation vice president who stated they fully support Israel, no matter what they do. I wasn’t asking them to change their editorial view, only to allow space for a different one. Perhaps Michael Siegel should start reading that rag.

The interests of the United States should be our focus, which is what the Tribune is doing. If our interests don’t mesh with Israeli interests, ours win out. The Jewish leadership must decide if they are American or Israeli.

Jim Ally