Dear Editor,

I find it curious that in his letter to the editor (6/28), Mr. Giovino makes a salacious inference regarding my personal “obsessions” with sex. The fact that through its doctrines the Catholic church insinuates itself into the bedrooms of its faithful, telling them who they may or may not have sex with and which specific acts are smiled on by God and which are not, seems to me like a fairly serious case of sexual obsession. The church routinely punishes masturbators, fornicators, homosexuals, unmarried couples, divorcees, and those who practice birth control. It even weighs in on those who have lustful thoughts. Yet Mr. Giovino would have me feel dirty for talking about these issues.

Contrary to Mr. Giovino’s assumption that through my comic strip [“Papal Makeover,” La Petite Camera, June 21] I was “calling for licentiousness,” I was actually calling through my comic strip for its readers to consider that the church has as little business promoting sexual behaviors as it does condemning them.

Mr. Giovino also seems to be under the impression that Catholics are “always a target” whereas “Jews and blacks” are untouchable. First of all, I wasn’t targeting Catholics, I was targeting certain Catholic doctrines. Second, I had no idea that Catholics were beating out “Jews and blacks” in the persecution market. Third, if Mr. Giovino feels that he as a Catholic is being unfairly persecuted by a licentious cartoonist, I suggest he try being sexually persecuted by a powerful religion that professes to be the mouthpiece of God.

Garret Gaston