To the editors:

[Re: “Why Are Doctors Such Jerks?,” July 10]

In every profession there are jerks.

This being a fact, permit me to make another side of the story.

I am a 75-year-old male, and have been hospitalized approx 60 times since 1984. I conquered cancer of mouth and larynx.

88% of the population are sheep or are afraid to complain. I’ve done both with Hospitals and Doctors.

Finally I surrounded myself with the best sincere and caring Doctors. People are afraid to speak up. I have a daughter (48) who is a Doctor. Doctors today have great overhead expenses. Also they are subject to call 24 hours a day. I, too, have bothered them all hours day and night.

You were very unfair to headline your story “Doctors are Jerks.” A more fitting title would have been “Editors Are Jerks.”

I have ridden myself of approx 7 Doctors.

Now I enjoy a team of Doctors that have kept me alive.

The public should learn to open their mouths.

Hospitals in most instances are a worse culprit.

You indeed owe the many sincere Doctors an apology.

Yes, maybe Editors are Jerks.

Jack L. Goodfriend