Dear Albert Williams,

Thank you for another public sandbagging [“Southern Exposures,” May 5]. And as for your criticism of my script: you never read it!

Did it ever occur to you that theater companies add their own interpretations to a script? That often the playwright is stonewalled out of that process? Did you read my script before you dissected it in your review?

Do you not realize the impact that your words, written over the course of a night or two, have on a script that was labored over and carefully contructed over a period of a year?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone has their own take on Terry Southern. Is yours the true one? The informed one?

I suggest that you are an armchair activist. Get off your ass and put your own work on the boards! Everyone is capable of having an opinion–but you sir from your bully pulpit need to realize the impact that your opinion–presented in a very public forum and written as stated fact–has.

Further I suggest that you are paid for these opinions that you conjured in a few hours, and my labor which has cost me greatly and for which I received nothing, is rewarded only by your public opinions.


Charles Pike

PS: Please send this through your spool manager and subject it to a violent act of reverse peristalsis!