To the editors:

All this time, I thought it was my fault. All this time, I thought only men were childish and immature in budding relationships. After reading Marya Engelman’s “Blind Dates” article (Our Town, February 26), I now see that women are just as silly when it comes to matters of romance as well.

Numerous times I have placed personal ads, get a few responses . . . then comes the game playing. After a few phone conversations, the women get cold feet, even after I’m told how nice, polite, charming, humorous, and intelligent I am. Then comes the silliest question of all: “What EXACTLY are you looking for by placing this ad?” What the Hell do you THINK, lady?!

After reading Engelman’s article, now I see that it isn’t totally my fault. That some women just don’t have the guts to tell a guy that they are not interested in them. Trust me, girls, I have had women tell me that I just wasn’t their type and I am still alive to talk about it. I haven’t slit my wrist. I haven’t hung myself. I haven’t taken a swan dive off the top of a tall building. Nor have I become an insane stalker. I, and I’m sure other men out there as well, can take “no” for an answer and continue to function in society. I think John, Marya’s blind date, got off lucky. He managed to dodge a woman so wimpy that she didn’t even have the courage to wear her own wig to the date to meet him. Now you know why men don’t make commitments.

Willie Holmes

S. Saginaw