Dear Editor:

The “Panic in Wicker Park” [August 26] is a phony condition propagated by a clique of naive brats. Most of these righteous antigentrification guerrillas can afford to feign poverty because their parents’ suburban homes have already appreciated a few hundred grand. It’s hip to pity the weary droves on trash smeared streets rather than get caught standing in line at Starbucks. Did anyone bother to ask the multitudinous property owners what they think about the neighborhood improvements? Minorities, immigrants, and seniors who finally cashed in on a piece of America? They’re ecstatic to see their property values soar and vital rental incomes increase. Fuck all the artists, zine publishers, and grunge twenty-somethings who whine about deserving a rent sanctuary. The rest of us assholes paid full market while shoveling shit for a living. Many of them have moved to the area recently and change threatens the hurting urban backdrop they find stylish and amusing. The building my family owns and occupies waits in the Lincoln Park gentripath. After redevelopment plows over the gangbangers, crackheads, and trust fund twenty-somethings, we’ll be sleeping a lot easier when the only noises at night are BMW car alarms.

Ken Vlay

W. Fletcher