To the editors:

Simplistic investigations make fun reading but show no respect for a reader’s intelligence.

In the recent article on the Divine Right [May 6], the author [Robert McClory] stated “CRA’s major objection . . . is that the program fosters witchcraft, since ‘crone’ is defined in some dictionaries as ‘wise old woman’ and in others as ‘witch.'”

CRA did have access to the book Changing of the Gods: Feminism & the End of Traditional Religions, copyright 1979. This is a pro-feminist witchcraft book, still available in feminist bookstores.

Page 97: “Witches use their goddess concept to give women-positive self-images in all stages of life. They teach that the feminine life force, i.e., the Goddess, appears in three forms–the maiden, the mother and the crone. The maiden Goddess is a woman who remains a virgin. Although she may be quite active sexually. . . . The mother Goddess is a more nurturing presence. . . . Raising children is considered only one creative possibility. . . . As the crone, the woman represents the Goddess of wisdom and prophecy.”

Somehow all of this emphasis on Goddesses is more pagan than Catholic.

If this was a one-shot meeting, it could be dismissed, but as part of a new pattern in Catholic activity, it needs challenging. Fidelity, a Catholic magazine, has covered these changes in detail.

Trendy Jews, Catholics & Protestants are too busy buying New Age paganism to realize they are bringing in a political, religious & cultural system that is a major threat to their respective belief systems. I would refer readers to a Sept. 29, 1986 article in the New York Times and a May 1, 1988 article in the New York Times Magazine. The former article is titled “Spiritual Concepts Draw New Breed of Adherent” & the latter is called “Colorado Cults.”

Dorothy Margraf