To the editors:

Cookie, David Whiteis wrote [August 30], had a sense of dignity. When some guy tried to pull her dress up in public, she nearly tore his head off. David admired her spunk.

David had Cookie’s picture published above a story that he wrote about her. She was a troubled alcoholic who had no home, David told us. He’s been to the West Side, and he knows that there are people like this. David told us that she was a prostitute. He even told us how much she charged, though he couldn’t believe anyone would pay it. You see she had these sores (he went on to tell us what her sores were like and what color they were). David would not pay for a scabby prostitute, but he did degrade one in print, and he probably got paid for that.

David thinks we might find Cookie’s mass burial “appropriate” but he has a new angle: She was somebody’s daughter. She went to high school. She liked to dance. She was fond of dogs and babies. Could this suppurating whore really have been a human being after all? Food for thought. “Maxwell Street teaches one a lot . . .”

David needs professional help. He needs an editor to tell him when his stories have no point and when they violate good taste. He needs a therapist to help him find his kicks some other way.

Nick Watters

N. Honore