To the editors:

Some comment on the “No Choice” feature article in the April 17 edition of the Reader.

As a sensitive male it disturbs me that many women are so gullible, so willing, so assured that the option to have the life in them torn from them as a relief to their circumstances in life is something society would care to guarantee to the sanction of legalization and furnishing!

Not always, but heaven knows, I have come to believe, that we must be responsible for our actions. Do you understand what leads to abortion? Do you understand what leads to AIDS? Abortion, with or without reductionism, is an objective abuse of both bodies; two of the woman’s concern, two of the partner’s concern, and one of concern to all parties. “No Choice”? Where another’s life is concerned the choice is life giver or life exterminator.

Wake up ladies. You’re being suckered and butchered by abortion advocates.

Dennis J. Giba

Oak Park