In the front-page story “A World of Hurt” (April 18), Charlie Frago describes two of his students as “dark-skinned…and incredibly violent.” Well, one can certainly see that Charlie made the best of his American education. The bias of white is right, black is bad has been the basis of American policy since the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. Indeed, the entire premise of the American slave trade was that darker hues were inherently savage and to be treated as such. Mixed-race Blacks of course were a bit more palatable and able to work in the slave owner’s house. After all, the whiter your skin the more intelligent, lofty, godlike, pure you are, as in angel food cake. Indeed, Jesus himself was a blond-haired, blue-eyed white man!!

Conversely, the darker you are, the less attractive, more violent, indeed, devil’s food cake! The American psyche and education process is replete with subtle racism! Charlie Frago, in his description of the two troubled seven-year-olds, summed it up for America; these two are the worst of the worst, in large part due to their dark skin! I’m sure via his ingrained bias he signaled to them as well their inherent less-than status according to the gospel of the white American thought process!!!!

I too am glad he got out of teaching. The crime he commits each day with his biased thoughts are no less a felony.