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To the editors:

I must come to the defense of the oft-maligned Bill Wyman after the uncalled-for attack by Mr. McGarry on September 3 [Letters]. While the phrase “bratty punk” may no longer accurately describe Rights of the Accused, I’m sure Mr. Wyman had his hands tied by space considerations. Certainly, if he could have, Wyman would have described the band as “warmed-over-reject-Kiss-riffs-fronted-by-an-obnoxious-Beastie-Boy-wannabe-singer-who-is-funny-once-every-ten-shows-who-only-accentuate-the-lameness-of-their-songwriting-by-ending-almost-every-set-with-the-Damned’s-‘New Rose’-former-punks.” Unfortunately, sometimes in this age of infotainment, specificity must take a backseat to brevity.

Mike Bennett