Bill Wyman is a fool. He despises the Stones, this fact he documented a few weeks ago on the cover page of Section Three [Hitsville, July 29]. So why did he drag his ass to Soldier Field to see them [Rock Etc., September 23], spending valuable time he could have used listening to the latest Public Enema album (“one of the most compelling shows in rock”) [Critic’s Choice, September 23]? Give me a fucking break.

The Rolling Stones played two tremendous shows in Chicago. I was there both nights. They played their “hits” from the past along with some gems that have not been heard in many years. I went to see the Stones perform, not a U2 sideshow.

Face it, Keith Richards is one of the greatest songwriters we have seen in rock and roll. When Keith toured in ’88 Wyman poked fun at his appearance–how low can you get? The music is what counts and the Stones continue to play great rock ‘n’ roll. Muddy Waters would be proud to hear that they still are rocking.

Even if Wyman had one tenth of Keith’s talent, he would still be an asshole.

Andrew Lang