While I enjoyed a loyal reader’s letter (June 16, 1995), it is obvious that he/she did not get the point. Jae-Ha Kim never accused Bill Wyman of being racist or sexist. What she said was that he “must not realize that he comes across [emphasis added] not only as petty, but as sexist and racist [Letters, May 12].” Whether he is or isn’t isn’t even relevant in the context of Kim’s letter because she is right. He does come across that way when he goes on and on about her without even seeming to realize that he’s all too often wrong; and he’ll overlook the “crossing the boundaries” actions of his white, male pals. (For the record–I have nothing against white males and am one!) Which rock critic all but manages a band he writes about all the time? I know. Bill knows. I have no forum to write about it, but Bill does, and he lets it slide. If it were Kim who was sidelining as a manager, you just know he would’ve been on her like black to an eight ball. The bottom line is Bill Wyman is an idiot who can’t cover his tracks very well. As for me–I can’t wait until Steve Albini takes him to task again. Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll.

Mark Lono


PS: As for Elessar V.’s letter (6-2), you blow! Kim gave you a favorable review and you still complain. I find it ironic that while you condemn Kim (and Wyman) for expressing their opinions about artists–which by the way you aren’t, even though you think you are–you have problems expressing your opinion about them and their work. Why shouldn’t rock critics exist, you moron? You seem to think that it’s somehow more noble to make music than write about it. Let’s face it: good writing is more entertaining than listening to bad music (that’d be you, Elessar). And you should be exposed for the hypocrite you are. I know for a fact that you solicited stories from writers. But I suppose you only want ones OK’d by you to be published. Sounds to me like you’d rather have a PR flack write about you than a reporter. Then they could lie and say you were actually good. Finally, if reading about Jae-Ha Kim and Bill Wyman is a “dream come true,” then you really are as unimaginative as your band’s music indicates.