To the editors:

[Re: Hitsville, November 6]

“Dichotomy: division into two usu. contradictory parts or opinions”:

What’s “weird,” to borrow a more mundane word from Bill Wyman’s venomous arsenal, is the same’s perpetually flagrant obsession with Jae-Ha Kim and her vocabulary. So inflamed is this consumption that even an infrequent browser of the Reader from the left coast can spot it. As provocative as the “alternative” press is in the Bay Area, the weeklies still have better things to do than copyedit the dailies seeking “dichotomies” between word and meaning. A possible misuse of a single word is weak evidence for supporting the dubious hypothesis that Kim is not fit to fill her post.

Do Wyman’s words reflect merely impish and malicious intent? Or is there something more to his “problem of Jae-Ha Kim”? Is a dichotomy involved?

Stephen Paul

San Francisco