To the editors:

Bill Wyman’s recent mean-spirited attack on the Sun-Times’s pop music coverage [“Misery Loves Morrissey,” July 19] amounted to little more than a personal attack on a woman in a position Wyman wishes he had. Not only did his diatribes against Ms. Jae-ha Kim smack of sour grapes but it’s obvious Wyman has no sense of fun where rock is concerned–and isn’t that what music is supposed to be about to some degree?

Ms. Kim may have made a few factual errors but I understand her attempts at humor where Vanilla Ice is concerned–what else is he but a joke? Kim works hard and I’ve seen her name in many more music publications (including Rolling Stone) than I’ve seen Wyman’s (unless we’re talking about the Rolling Stones member, of course).

It’s even sadder that Wyman continues to suck up to Don McLeese, Dave Hoekstra and Greg Kot–who continue to measure the size of their rock ‘n’ roll penises by their lack of humor and boundless capabilities to analyze, compare and criticize samples, influences, ad nauseam.

I find that there are only two music critics between the two papers who have any sense of the fun and fashion that make up popular music–and both of them are women. One of them is Jae-ha Kim and, contrary to Wyman’s beliefs, I feel she knows her stuff.

I think Wyman should find something better to do than sit in judgment of his fellow critics–like maybe work on his own sad writing and perhaps try to smile once in a while.

Laura Zelenka