Your recent article by Keith Harris, “Bitter Without Bite” [March 17], was the most masturbatory and useless exploitation of vocabulary I’ve encountered in a long long long time. In fact, after ingesting that piece of pseudo-literary crap, I feel at least three IQ points dumber. Either I’m missing something, or this is really the boring echo of every paragraph, spit out over and over again: “I’m nauseously ambivalent toward Turner and have no ideas of my own so, uh, here’s some snobby references and self-absorbed prose that will do nothing more than compromise my audience and provide such a vain ego boost that I might as well just go float in the yellow puddle of my own condescending ambiguity for the rest of eternity and try to get a suntan.” Please tell me: can he even breathe the same air as all of us normal people, or does his arrogance prevent it?

Tammeryn Ryndahl