You Again!

Revivals are popping up before the corpse is cold.

Oh, another exciting evening of Chicago theater! It seems like just yesterday you were captivated by the brilliant Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, directed by Mary Zimmerman. And what vibrant, daring new work will you savor tonight? For the answer, you glance down at your program: Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, directed by Mary Zimmerman.

Sure, the show must go on–but so soon? These plays were remounted before the original cast could forget their cues. The graph below shows the time elapsed since the original production debuted–or the last revival. Applaud if you like, but please don’t shout “Encore!”

[2 years] About Face’s DREAM BOY Debut: July 1996 ¥ Revived: September 1998

[2 years] Gestation period of an elephant

[3 years] Onyx’s EAST TEXAS HOT LINKS Debut: December 1995 ¥ Revived: September 1998

[3 years] Bailiwick’s JERKER Debut: April 1989 ¥ First revival: May 1995 ¥ Revived again: March 1998

[3 years] Typical lifespan of a wolf spider

[4 years] Goodman’s NOTEBOOKS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI Debut: November 1993 ¥ Revived: December 1997

[5 years] City Lit’s RIGHT HO, JEEVES! Debut: December 1993 ¥ Revived: December 1998

[5 years] Lookingglass’s THE ARABIAN NIGHTS Debut: October 1992 ¥ Revived: December 1997

[5 years] Half-life of cobalt 60 ; stated length of mission for starship Enterprise