To the editors:

While reading the review of the Rolling Stones IMAX movie last week [July 3], I was struck by the fact that your writer really liked the movie. I enjoyed the review up until the last line, which was “the problem is that it’s only entertainment, and nothing more.”

Why is that a problem? Music is entertainment, movies are entertainment. The two of them together–done well–make up great entertainment. Why should there be more??

I had the privilege of spending three months on the road with the Rolling Stones on their Steel Wheels tour (flying on their plane, playing pool with them, and photographing their concerts) and never once did I hear them discussing a cure for cancer or their plans to implement world peace! They are what they are–the world’s greatest rock & roll band! Having witnessed 30 shows on that tour, I can attest to the fact that the movie captured the excitement of the show perfectly!

I think the problem is that the music media reads way too much into what music is supposed to be! It is entertainment, and nothing more 95 percent of the time. Isn’t that enough?

Paul Natkin

N. Racine