I would like to come out publicly in your letters section: I have become a regular reader of Liz Armstrong’s column, Chicago Antisocial.

It seems now that I can’t help but read it every time I pick up the paper, despite having nodded along with some early disparaging letters printed here. She’s a unique voice in Chicago–sometimes you can love her and hate her, etc, etc, in the span of a column, I know. But I’ve certainly found value in her writings, whether that be puerile or practical in nature, and I was wondering whether the folks who delivered those highbrow beatdowns had changed their minds as well. If so, I think they should step forward, in fairness to Ms. Armstrong and her staff.

Yeah, the column’s still a train wreck every week, but it’s a raw, sexy, stupid, vibrant, silly, dim, semidangerous, creepy, glittery, illuminating, retarded, desperate, grudgingly grounded, buzzin’ high train wreck, and I dig it.

Scott E. Smith

Albany Park