Dear Reader:

Of all the miscalculated Michael Miner pieces I have read over the years, I believe the Brenda You interview sets some sort of new low [October 22]. Giving him enormous benefit of the doubt, I’ll assume he meant her interview to be self-indicting; he meant to hand her a halyard with which to hang herself.

She certainly came off as a tawdry and sad specimen of humanity, desperate to justify her own failure of a career–the highlight of which seems to be a cameo appearance as a masturbatory aid in Playboy–by denouncing, repeatedly, a profession filled with hardworking and talented people who never find it necessary to pose naked, take material from their employers to pass along to tabloids, or go do Jerry Springer’s dirty work.

But even assuming Miner meant to display her as a freak, the question is why? Frankly, I suspect Miner was just bedazzled by her gaunt porn star looks and was willing to give her a platform to say anything she wanted. I hope this isn’t the start of a trend–Miner allowing a woman spread-eagle in Club to hector about bad spelling one week, the next featuring somebody blowing a donkey on a French postcard sounding off about the dangers of media consolidation. Your readers deserve better.

Neil Steinberg