To the editors:

That was an interesting interview with the writer William Pfaff, who lives in Paris [Hot Type, July 14]. What does he know that 90% of Americans don’t know?

First of all, he lives in a literate country. Yes, with our cultural pretensions, we have to face the fact that in France 44% of adults read TEN or more books a year, while in this country only SIX percent read ONE or more.

Also, he lives in one of the NATO countries we are defending with our $170 Million European defense budget. Those countries have: Free medical care, free Universities, free day care no slums or homeless.

And we’re defending THEM?

I have enjoyed Mr. Pfaff’s writing in the New Yorker for years. Too bad he’s too literate and logical for the average politician and policy maker in this country. Our elected officials in Washington would label him a radical.

Who votes for these dolts?

We do.

David B. Zoellner