For as long as we can remember, Chicago’s City Council has been a source of ceaseless entertainment, a parlor filled with suck-ups, bullies, blowhards, and the occasional crook. It should be an outrage, but it’s so outrageous it’s ridiculous.

Now more than ever, though, it’s important to follow what our 50 aldermen are up to. With Mayor Daley safely ensconced at City Hall for another four years and his administration stocked with yes-men who approve his every whim, there’s no one to stop him from driving us bankrupt with wasteful plans (think Olympics) paid for by Rube Goldberg financing schemes (like tax increment financing districts). Except the City Council.

Are our representatives up to the task of telling the mayor “no” once in a while, or, better yet, of coming up with an alternative vision of Chicago government? Read our guide and decide for yourself what their prospects are.

Manny Flores First Ward

Entered Office 2003, defeating incumbent Jesse Granato

Previous LifeCook County state’s attorney, aide to Congressman Luis Gutierrez

Patrons Gutierrez

Strengths Manages to talk like a reformer without upsetting Daley or developers, good looks go over big with yuppie voters

prospectsHopes to win Gutierrez’s open congressional seat, which may strengthen his independent streak

a 773-278-0101

Bob FiorettiSecond Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, defeating incumbent Madeline Haithcock in runoff

Previous LifeTrial lawyer

PatronsFormer alderman Wallace Davis delivered west-side vote

StrengthsPresents himself as civil-rights warrior, rich enough to lend his campaign $75,000

First Council MoveThreatened to shut down Taylor Street housing deal over lack of minority contracting

Key to successNever forgetting that he’s a white guy representing a largely black ward

prospects Better than Haithcock’s were

a 312-263-9273

Pat DowellThird Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, defeating incumbent Dorothy Tillman in runoff. Tillman’s arrogance, nepotism, and inability to deliver basic services were key to her victory. Her campaign promise? “I won’t be Dorothy.”

Previous LifeCity planner, college basketball player (she’s six-foot-three)

PatronsUnions, which donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to her campaign

prospectsBrighter than most, so long as she makes good on that promise

a 773-373-9273

Toni PreckwinkleFourth Ward

Entered Office1991, defeating incumbent Timothy Evans

Previous LifeCommunity activist

StrengthsPersistence–her fight for affordable-housing set-asides is entering its sixth year. Smarts, especially when it comes to financial matters. Strong base–defiant Hyde Parkers would storm City Hall if Daley punished her independence.

LiabilitiesUtterly humorless.

prospectsIf an independent council bloc emerges around issues of housing and TIF reform, Preckwinkle will be a leader.

a 773-536-8103

Leslie HairstonFifth Ward

Entered Office1999, defeating incumbent Barbara Holt

Previous LifeLawyer in the Illinois attorney general’s office

patronsPreckwinkle, who donated $10,000 to her 2007 campaign; University of Chicago Lab School crowd

Defied DaleyBacked Preckwinkle’s affordable-housing set-aside ordinance

Backed DaleySaid she would vote for big-box minimum-wage ordinance, then flip-flopped

prospectsKeeps a finger in the air to see how independent she can be before she toes the line

a 773-324-5555

Freddrenna LyleSixth Ward

Entered Office1998, appointed after alderman John Steele became a Cook County judge

Previous LifeLawyer, president of Cook County Bar Association


StrengthsMiddle-class black ward has no love for Daley, so she’s free to defy him

LiabilitiesDoesn’t defy him as often as she could, called Daley’s team of Olympic boosters an “elite, white man’s rich millionaire’s kind of party club,” then voted to underwrite funding for the games

prospectsWill keep complaining while working with Daley

a 773-846-7006

Sandi JacksonSeventh Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, defeating incumbent Darcel Beavers, who was appointed when her father, former alderman William Beavers, went to the Cook County Board

PatronsHer husband, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

StrengthsHer husband’s name

prospectsTouted as a star of the so-called rookie reformers, she’s already talking about her willingness to work with the mayor.

a 773-375-9180

Michelle HarrisEighth Ward

Entered Office2006, appointed after Todd Stroger was elected president of the Cook County Board

Previous LifeSecretary to the Cook County Board under former president John Stroger, Todd’s father

PatronsHer aunt, former Eighth Ward alderman Lorraine Dixon; Stroger’s Eighth Ward political machine

key to successMust avoid an independent uprising by black voters

prospectsMayoral rubber stamp

a 773-874-3300

Anthony BealeNinth Ward

Entered Office1999, defeating incumbent Robert Shaw

Previous LifeCommunity activist; elected at age 32

PatronsState senator and powerful reverend James Meeks; Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

backed daleyVoted for a Wal-Mart in the 37th Ward

defied daleyVoted for ordinance that would have required Wal-Mart to raise wages and benefits

prospectsDepends how Daley, Meeks, and Jackson duke it out

a 773-785-1100

John PopeTenth Ward

Entered Office1999, winning election to open seat

Previous LifeAide in mayor’s budget office

PatronsHispanic Democratic Organization cofounder Al Sanchez

StrengthsEndorsed by HDO over strong Hispanic opponent

LiabilitiesStill not Hispanic

Defied DaleyVoted for the big-box minimum-wage ordinance under pressure from old-school union guys in the ward

prospectsA mayoral loyalist, he’ll remain in office with HDO support

a 312-744-3078

James Balcer11th Ward

Entered Office1997, appointed to replace Patrick Huels, who stepped down after a contracting scandal embarrassed Daley

Previous LifeMarine who served in Vietnam

PatronsCook County commissioner and 11th Ward committeeman John Daley, the mayor’s brother


hatesJane Fonda–don’t get him started

Defied DaleyJust kidding!

prospectsLoyal soldier who no matter the issue will find a way to talk about veterans

a 773-254-6677

George Cardenas12th Ward

Entered Office2003, defeating incumbent Ray Frias, who dropped out of the race after he was indicted in the Silver Shovel investigation

PatronsThe HDO

Defied daleyVoted for big-box minimum-wage ordinance after constituents besieged him

backed daleyFlipped and voted against the ordinance after Daley besieged him

prospectsHaving beaten union-backed opponent despite big-box flip-flop, has no incentive to listen to voters again

a 773-523-8250

Frank Olivo13th Ward

Entered Office1994, appointed by Daley to replace John Madrzyk, who went to the Mayor’s Office of Special Events

PatronsHouse Speaker Michael Madigan

strengthsOnly alderman without fund-raising committee–he doesn’t need one as long as Madigan’s around

PROSPECTSYes-man who’ll also do his best to keep Madigan happy

a 773-581-8000

Ed Burke14th Ward

Entered Office1969, winning a special election after the incumbent, his father Joseph Burke, died in office

Previous LifeCop and law school student

PatronsJoseph Burke

StrengthsRoughly $7 million in his campaign war chest. Seat on the Democratic Party judicial slate-making committee ensures that Cook County judges owe him their jobs. Wife is state supreme court justice Anne Burke. Lucrative private law firm represents clients doing business with the city. Chairs the council’s powerful finance committee, controlling billions of dollars in deals and contracts.

Favorite Joke”I feel a little like Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ninth husband on their wedding night. I know what I’m supposed to do, but I’m not quite sure how to make it interesting,” he’s fond of saying after 38 years of budget hearings.

prospectsMore of the same: getting rich, controlling contracts, retelling jokes, and letting his old rival Daley run the rest of the show

a 773-471-1414

Toni Foulkes15th Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, after winning runoff for open seat. Promised to improve city services, cut crime, and open her mouth, unlike her predecessor, “Silent Ted” Thomas

Previous LifeCake decorator at Jewel, union activist

PatronsUnions, which poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into her campaign

First Council MoveEndorsed Preckwinkle’s affordable-housing plan over the mayor’s

prospectsWill need continued support to buck the mayor and stay in office

a 773-737-3470

Joann Thompson16th Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, after defeating incumbent Shirley Coleman in runoff. Key to victory was Coleman’s flip-flop on big-box minimum-wage ordinance.

Previous LifeCook County Jail correctional officer, union activist

PatronsOrganized labor

Looming IssueAugust’s soaring property tax bills, which will put many Englewood residents at risk of losing their homes

prospects Coleman’s fate should inspire some independence

a 773-737-4426

Latasha Thomas17th Ward

Entered Office2000, appointed when predecessor Terry Peterson was tapped to head the Chicago Housing Authority

Previous LifeLawyer with the city

PatronsPeterson, who ran ward organization even as he was dismantling the CHA and went on to manage the mayor’s landslide reelection campaign

Defied DaleyOn big-box minimum-wage ordinance, siding with activist priest Father Michael Pfleger, whose Saint Sabina church is in ward

prospectsShe’s calm, quiet, and compliant–just the way the mayor likes his aldermen

a 773-723-0908

Lona Lane18th Ward

Entered Office2006, appointed less than three months before election when predecessor Thomas Murphy became a county judge. Re-elected in 2007 after opponent Paul Stewart, claiming a shortage of funds, stopped campaigning in the middle of the runoff.

PatronsMurphy, who hired her as aldermanic aide

prospectsKeeps her head down and does as she’s told

a 773-471-1991

Virginia “Ginger” Rugai19th Ward

Entered Office1990, appointed when Michael Sheahan was elected Cook County sheriff

PatronsSheahan; former ward committeeman Tom Hynes; mayoral pal Jeremiah Joyce; hordes of Beverly-based cops, firefighters, and other city employees

Key RoleChairman of Energy and Environment Committee

telling AccomplishmentSigning off on crummy blue-bag recycling for most of the city while getting curbside recycling for her own ward

prospectsWill continue rubber-stamping Daley’s “green” initiatives

a 773-238-8766

Willie Cochran20th Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, defeating incumbent Arenda Troutman, who’d been indicted for taking bribes

Previous LifeCop

PatronsLocal powerhouses Bishop Arthur Brazier and Reverend Leon Finney, who pulled support from Troutman after she nixed one of their housing deals

prospectsWill need luck trying to appease Brazier, Finney, and Daley

a 773-955-5610

Howard Brookins Jr.21st Ward

Entered Office2003, defeating predecessor Reverend Leonard Deville

Previous lifeLawyer

PatronsHis dad, Howard Brookins Sr., former state senator and funeral parlor magnate; Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

Low PointDuring debate on big-box minimum-wage ordinance, complained how hard it is to live on a six-figure salary; the council’s denial of his zoning request prevented him from bringing a Wal-Mart into his ward

prospectsHad to crawl to get Daley’s support, which was crucial to his defeat of union leader Leroy Jones Jr. in runoff. He’ll need to keep it.

a 773-881-9300

Ricardo Munoz22nd Ward

Entered Office1993, appointed by Daley after predecessor Jesus Garcia was elected to state senate

Previous LifeGarcia aide; prior to that, neighborhood roughneck

strengthsOne of few consistent council independents

liabilitiesFeds recently charged father with selling fake IDs

prospectsMade his reputation as an independent and will stay that way, especially since he’s running against Manny Flores for Gutierrez’s congressional seat; Daley may covertly support him, if only to get him out of town

a 773-762-1771

Michael Zalewski23rd Ward

Entered Office1995, winning open seat after predecessor James Laski (subsequently convicted in the hired truck scandal) was elected city clerk

Previous LifeDeputy commissioner, Department of Streets and Sanitation; political consultant

PatronsFormer congressman William Lipinski; unions, which donated thousands, sealing his vote on big-box minimum-wage ordinance; city workers, who ponied up $125,875 in campaign contributions

prospectsLoyal Daleyite who keeps his mouth shut

a 773-582-4444

Sharon Denise Dixon24th Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, after defeating incumbent Michael Chandler in runoff

Previous LifeSocial worker, Rainbow-PUSH voter registrar

PatronsLongtime independent political activist Richard Barnett, who withdrew support from Chandler to back her; Jesse Jackson Jr. aide Frank Watkins, who gave her about $8,000 in contributions and loans

OpponentsMayor Daley and his political organizations, which contributed about $75,000 to Chandler

prospectsNo reason for her to be a rubber stamp

a 773-522-2430

Daniel “Danny” Solis25th Ward

Entered OfficeAppointed by Daley in 1996 to replace Ambrosio Medrano, who went to federal prison during Silver Shovel scandal

Previous LifeRabble-rousing community activist

backed daleyFlip-flopped on the big-box minimum-wage ordinance to support the mayor’s veto, after which Daley poured money and support into his campaign

lucky breaksBefore the February 2007 election, Thaddeus Wilson, Howard Brookins’s former law partner and the election board hearing officer, dismissed campaign challenges against Solis’s nominating petition, and at the 11th hour the state supreme court (including justice Anne Burke) threw Medrano off the ballot.

prospectsDreams of running for Congress but will remain Daley’s lapdog in the City Council

a 773-523-4100

Billy Ocasio26th Ward

Entered Office1993, appointed when Luis Gutierrez was elected to Congress


Defied DaleyOn big-box minimum-wage ordinance and affordable-housing ordinance

key InfluenceOprah Winfrey, whose show on poverty inspired him to support a big-box wage hike

prospectsGutierrez may have endorsed the mayor, but Ocasio is showing symptoms of gumption

a 773-276-4272

Walter Burnett Jr.27th Ward

Entered Office1995, defeating incumbent Dexter Watson

Previous LifeConvicted bank robber at 17; Cook County employee; leader of Young Democrats of Cook County

PatronsHis father, Democratic precinct captain Walter Burnett Sr.; late 42nd Ward committeeman and Cook County Democratic Party chairman George Dunne; secretary of state Jesse White

telling moveGreen-lighted destruction of Cabrini-Green, the near-north-side housing project where he grew up

defied daleyPerhaps as penance, supported Toni Preckwinkle’s more ambitious affordable-housing set-aside plan over the mayor’s

ProspectsSays he’s hoping to keep future opposition to the mayor behind closed doors

a 312-432-1995

Ed Smith28th Ward

Entered Office1983, defeating incumbent William Carothers, who was later convicted of extortion

Previous LifePeace Corps worker

PatronsHarold Washington

defied daleySmith’s emerged as an independent, pushing through the city’s smoking ban and forcing the mayor to drop plans for a west-side courthouse.

best Quip”I’m a nice guy,” he said after former alderman Burton Natarus got in his face during a heated council debate. “But I would have beat his ass.”

prospectsWill keep going his own way and get mocked for it by Daley, a true sign he’s getting under the mayor’s skin

a 773-533-0900

Isaac “Ike” Carothers29th Ward

Entered Office1999, defeating incumbent Sam Burrell and, in runoff, fellow challenger Floyd Thomas

Previous LifeDeputy commissioner, Department of Streets and Sanitation

PatronsIke Sims, his grandfather, a state rep and 28th Ward committeeman; William Carothers, his father and a 28th Ward alderman and committeeman; Daley

key rolesBashing Jesse Jackson Jr. on Daley’s behalf; as chair of the police and fire committee he’s turned a blind eye to police misconduct, also on Daley’s behalf

prospectsWill continue to do things on Daley’s behalf

a 773-261-4646

Ariel Reboyras30th Ward

Entered Office2003, winning an open seat after Mayor Daley, who decided he needed another Hispanic alderman, encouraged incumbent Mike Wojcick to take a job with the CTA

Previous LifeAssistant commissioner, Department of General Services

PatronsThe HDO

Defied DaleyVoted for big-box minimum-wage ordinance

Strange BedfellowsBoth unions and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce–the big-box minimum-wage ordinance’s leading opponent–contributed to his campaign

prospectsAmiable member of the mayor’s silent majority

a 773-794-3095

Regner “Ray” Suarez31st Ward

Entered Office1991, winning an open seat

Previous LifeDeputy commissioner, Department of Streets and Sanitation

PatronsLegendary 31st Ward alderman Tom Keane; real estate and construction industries

key roleRubber-stamps the mayor’s housing policies as chair of the council’s housing committee

prospectsWill keep stamping

a 773-486-6488

Scott Waguespack32nd Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, defeating incumbent Ted Matlak and what’s left of Dan Rostenkowski and Terry Gabinski’s 32nd Ward Democratic machine

Previous LifeAide to mayor of suburban Berwyn, failed the bar exam

PatronsNone. Daley was against him and the unions split their support.

biggest ChallengeKeeping volatile mix of yuppies, developers, and working-class residents happy

prospectsEncouraging, but look for the big boys to go after him

a 773-248-1330

Richard Mell33rd Ward

Entered Office1975, after winning an open seat created when Democratic leaders ousted predecessor Rex Sande

Previous LifeOwner of a spring factory

PatronsNone–he’s always the patron

Key RolesAs chair of the Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics, redraws ward maps to protect incumbents, distributes prized committee assignments, kills overly ambitious reform legislation

prospectsWill coast through another term or two before anointing a successor

a 773-478-8040

Carrie Austin34th Ward

Entered Office1991, appointed after her husband, Lemuel Austin, died of a heart attack

Previous LifeSecretary to the 34th Ward Democratic Party

PatronsFormer alderman Wilson Frost; her late husband; Daley

key RoleAs new chair of the budget committee, she’ll rubber-stamp the mayor’s budgets

prospectsBright for her, bleak for taxpayers

a 773-928-6961

Rey Colon35th Ward

Entered Office2003, in an independent rebellion against incumbent Vilma Colom, who was widely decried as Mell’s creature and an ill-tempered, unresponsive alderman

Previous LifeTeenage knucklehead arrested for assorted misdemeanors; Park District employee; YMCA director

Modus operandISpends time fighting former allies on zoning issues, keeps low profile after voting against Daley initiatives like big-box minimum-wage ordinance

prospectsWill vote as an independent and get panned by constituents as a sellout

William J.P. Banks36th Ward

Entered Office1983, after predecessor Louis Farina stepped down on eve of indictment for extortion

Previous LifeLawyer for the city

PatronsOld First Ward organization

Key RoleChair of the zoning committee whose philosophy is that what the local alderman wants, the local alderman gets

StrengthsFellow aldermen, developers, and zoning lawyers who appreciate his philosophy; campaign war chest of about $500,000

Key RelativesZoning lawyer Samuel Banks, brother; zoning lawyer Jimmy Banks, nephew; state rep John Fritchey, nephew-in-law

prospectsWith the mayor’s nod, all zoning requests granted

a 773-622-3232

Emma Mitts37th Ward

Entered Office2000, appointed after predecessor Percy Giles convicted of taking bribes

Previous LifeSunday school teacher

PatronsAlderman Ike Carothers; Wal-Mart; Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce; Daley

SuccessCharmed fellow aldermen into giving her a zoning change to allow a Wal-Mart to move into her ward

prospectsOngoing spokesman against mandatory raises for low-wage big-box employees

a 773-745-2894

Thomas Allen38th Ward

Entered Office1993, appointed to complete term of late alderman Thomas Cullerton, his brother-in-law

Previous LifeTrial lawyer, 38th Ward legislative assistant


Key RoleAs chair of transportation committee, he moans and groans about low number of traffic cops

LiabilityCan’t convince Daley to hire more traffic cops

prospectsWill continue to look the other way as the CTA falls apart

a 773-545-3838

Margaret Laurino39th Ward

Entered Office1994, appointed to replace her father, Anthony, who was indicted in ghost-payrolling scheme

Previous LifeAldermanic assistant to her father

PatronsHer father

Key RoleChair of Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development

key challengeOversee implementation of citywide wireless access

prospectsDon’t hold your breath on that WiFi thing

a 773-736-5594

Patrick O’Connor40th Ward

Entered Office1983, defeating incumbent Ivan Rittenberg in runoff

Previous LifeLawyer

PatronsMayor Daley. A former “independent,” O’Connor is now one of the mayor’s floor leaders.

telling NicknameUsed to be known as “City Hall Santa” for the friends and family members he put on the city payroll

Key RoleChair of Traffic Control and Safety Committee; also Santa-like with the stop signs

prospectsVoted for the big-box ordinance but usually falls into line

a 773-769-1140

Brian Doherty41st Ward

Entered Office1991, defeating incumbent Roman Pucinski

Previous LifeGolden Gloves boxing champion

PatronsFormer state rep Michael McAuliffe Sr.; McAuliffe’s son, Republican committeeman and current state rep Michael McAuliffe Jr.; late Rosemont mayor Donald Stephens

Core ConstituencyCops, firefighters, and city workers who live in ward

Party AffiliationThe council’s sole Republican, practicing Chicago-style libertarianism–meaning he’ll intervene in the free market to dole out TIF money to developers but not to protect bar workers from secondhand smoke

prospectsWill continue to run as a Republican and vote with the Democratic machine

a 773-792-1991

Brendan Reilly42nd Ward

Entered OfficeMay 2007, after defeating longtime incumbent Burton Natarus, who was known for his goofy council speeches and pet issues. Made a campaign promise to “work with Mayor Daley.”

Previous LifeAide to house speaker Michael Madigan

PatronsMadigan; organized labor, which provided thousands of dollars’ worth of campaign staff and infrastructure

FIRST COUNCIL MOVESent out press release praising the mayor for making ethics reform “a top priority”

prospectsShows promise as major-league mayoral suck-up

a 312-642-4242

Vi Daley43rd Ward

Entered Office1999, winning open seat created when incumbent Charles Bernardini opted not to run again

Previous LifeChief of staff to Bernardini

PatronsBernardini; Mayor Daley (no relation); developers, bar and restaurant owners, and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, which contributed thousands of dollars to her campaign fund

No Mistaking Her forMarty Oberman and other outspoken independents who once represented the affluent Lincoln Park ward

prospectsWill do nothing to stop those campaign contributions from rolling in

a 773-327-9111

Tom Tunney44th Ward

Entered Office2002, appointed after predecessor Bernie Hansen retired

Previous LifeOwner of Ann Sather restaurants

PatronsHansen, Mayor Daley

Who He IsThe council’s only openly gay alderman

Who He’s NotA progressive gay politician a la Harvey Milk–Tunney acts like a Rotarian. And a machine boss: he ran unopposed in his last election, giving him a lot of campaign contributions to throw around to aldermen Berny Stone, Freddrenna Lyle, Anthony Beale, George Cardenas, Leslie Hairston, Ted Matlak, and even Ed Burke and Bill Banks, though Lord knows they didn’t need the money.

ProspectsGenerosity makes a lot of friends, but independence? Not anytime soon.

a 773-525-6034

Patrick Levar45th Ward

Entered Office1987, defeating incumbent (and former Jane Byrne bodyguard) Gerald McLaughlin

Previous lifeNight supervisor, Cook County sheriff’s office

PatronsLate Cook County Democratic Party chairman Thomas Lyons; Daley

Key RoleChairs aviation committee, traditionally viewed as brokerage for city jobs at Midway and O’Hare

Defied DaleyOn big-box minimum-wage ordinance–he needed union support and money to defeat Terry Boyke, one of his former aides

prospectsBoasts that he votes with the mayor nearly 100 percent of the time

a 773-545-2545

Helen Shiller46th Ward

Entered Office1987, defeating incumbent Jerry Orbach in runoff

Previous LifeLeft-leaning community activist

PatronsUptown radical Walter “Slim” Coleman, Harold Washington; and, more recently, Daley

defied daleyFor years was the sole vote against the mayor’s budgets

backed daleyVoted with the mayor on recent budgets, the big-box ordinance, and affordable housing

prospectsMight come back to her senses after the Wilson Yard TIF deal is wrapped up

a 773-878-4646

Eugene “Gene” Schulter47th Ward

Entered Office1975, defeating incumbent John Hoellen

Previous LifePark District employee

PatronsFormer parks superintendent and ward committeeman Ed Kelly

Brutus momentUnsuccessfully ran against Kelly for committeeman in 2000

StrengthsSolid ward organization makes him unbeatable, unless karmic plot twist ends with aide stabbing him in the back

pet issueProposed requiring all dogs to get identification microchips; proposal killed in committee after Daley said no

prospectsGenerally heels when Daley says heel

a 773-348-8400

Mary Ann Smith48th Ward

Entered Office1989, appointed to replace Kathy Osterman, who was named head of Mayor’s Office of Special Events

Previous LifeAldermanic aide to Osterman


in theoryBleeding-heart liberal who weeps for elephants at Lincoln Park Zoo

in PracticeStreet fighter who ruthlessly used election laws to kick opponents off the ballot

prospectsWill talk a good game while voting with the mayor

a 773-784-5277

Joe Moore49th Ward

Entered Office1991, defeating incumbent Bob Clarke

PatronsCounty clerk and former 49th Ward alderman David Orr

Previous LifeCity lawyer during Washington administration

Defied DaleyOften

biggest lossesBig-box ordinance, curbside recycling, affordable-housing set-aside

biggest winThe foie gras ban–for the moment anyway

prospectsLikely leader of independent bloc if Jackson, Waguespack, et al don’t sell out

a 773-338-5796

Bernard “Berny” Stone50th Ward

Entered Office1973, defeating incumbent Jack Sperling

Previous lifeLawyer, real estate supervisor for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office

PatronsRichard J. Daley; alderman Ed “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak, leader of the anti-Harold Washington faction during the Council Wars of the 80s; Richard M. Daley

Just Call HimMethuselah–Stone turns 80 in November

key to successNever criticizes mayor but looks tough dressing down department heads

prospectsWill jolt awake in council meetings in time to vote with the mayor

a 773-764-5050 v

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Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): Emerging independent Ed Smith addressing the council during the big-box living-wage debate last summer.