To the editors:

I want to clarify some misleading information contained in the April 24th, 1992, article on Pawnshops.

My name is Joe Guzzo and I own the: CASH EXCHANGE PAWNSHOP and the CHICAGO GOLD GALLERY located at 1236 W. Devon Chicago, Illinois. I have been at that location since 1980, and own the building that my two stores are located in. I DO NOT rent from or have any affiliation with any other pawnshop.

It states in the article by Grant Pick that one of the pawnbrokers (also located on Devon) that was being interviewed said that he has increased his business by renting to an independent jeweler and another pawnshop adjacent to his establishments. I REPEAT, I DO NOT rent from anyone; I own my own building, and the CASH EXCHANGE PAWNSHOP and CHICAGO GOLD GALLERY at 1236 W. Devon are not affiliated or connected to any other pawnbroker! We are open for business and anyone that can use our personal, courteous services should be aware of that information.

Also as a side note: we do not hold many of the certain views and attitudes that the article exhibited about pawnbrokers. THANK YOU!

Joe Guzzo

W. Devon

Grant Pick replies:

My apologies; Irv Jacobson told me he owned the building where Mr. Guzzo’s shops are located.