To the editors:

Thank you for creating a greater awareness of the intimidation and harassment by our own government towards civil rights activists like Jeanne Bishop [April 10].

Americans should be outraged that the U.S. government freely violates our Constitutional rights in order to serve the political agenda of foreign governments. There are many activists currently jailed in this country because they spoke out against violations occurring in countries whose governments have special relationships with our public officials.

Whether it be protests over civil rights violations in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Haiti, China, and especially in our own country, we have the right to speak out without a trail of FBI agents under foot!

A greater awareness of the issues and representation is needed now to prevent the further erosion of our Constitutional Rights. Call and find out who your elected officials are and make them aware of the issues that concern you. You’re entitled to a response. Make an effort to educate yourself on the candidates before you vote.

You own the company, don’t let your employees run amuck.

Rose Splan

N. Lake Shore Dr.