I am writing to you about the article in the August 26, 1994 issue [“The Panic in Wicker Park”]. You only got half the truth, here is the rest of the story. Did the yuppies tell you that they are knocking on doors and forcing the ethnics to sell their home when it is not for sale, that is why we hate those pigs. Why should the yuppies force the ethnics out of their home when they have roots. They are blaming a Bohemian for doing this mess, I want to know do they have proof it is the Bohemian.

I live in Ukrainian Village and there are quite a few yuppies in the area, I meant to say pigs. There is a (pig) a yuppie across the street from me, she don’t shovel the snow or rake the leave or clean the curb. She is always reported by the Ukrainians. And the sight I see that house is a flophouse. Yuppies believe in flophouses. And they are on drug because when she comes home boy is she high and she drives a car. I don’t know where she gets her stuff because we have a gang in the neighborhood selling the stuff. By the way the Latin Kings are in my neighborhood. We are trying to get rid of them but the yuppies come and buy the cocaine. Now I hope this will tell you that yuppies are no good.

Thank you for taking timing to read this,

From a concerned Polish-American