Zoinks! Another Goof-Up!

Dear Chicago Reader,

I just want to respond to some factual errors in Kim Wilson’s recent review of my play Thriller Theater Five [October 4]. She lauded the return of cast member Ryan Gowland as Fred, but it is in fact Ryan’s first performance with Thriller Theater. Last year his role was performed expertly by Pierro Proccacini, who plays Scooby Doo this year. Also, Ms. Wilson cited some technical miscues in our opening night performance. These were, in fact, technical malfunctions caused by electrical shorts in the audio and lighting boards at the ImprovOlympic theater that have since been rectified.

Thank you,

Jason R. Chin


Thriller Theater Five

Kim Wilson replies:

You know, I had the same problem when they replaced Darren on Bewitched. Gowland filled the role so naturally, I took for granted that it was the same actor. I should have double-checked. I apologize.