Credit: Andrea Bauer

Most of the times that I notice an honorary street sign I have no idea who the honoree is. “Probably some politico,” I think. Not so for Ric Hess Way, at the corner of Sheffield and School. Probably lots of people in the neighborhood knew Ric, who owned Sheffield’s, the bar on that corner. Ric passed away suddenly in January. A March 9 City Council tribute reads in part, “Ric Hess was the life and soul of Sheffield’s. He has been credited with making Sheffield’s not only the friendliest in the neighborhood but also the first craft beer bar in Chicago that had a printed beer menu. . . . [He] became obsessed with wanting to serving the best barbecue possible so he went and toured the barbecue meccas of Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas for ideas.” And Ric did make some damn fine barbecue.

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