Polish-born local sculptor Jerzy S. Kenar makes mostly religious art—crucifixes, holy water fonts, processional crosses—but his best-known piece has to be the Shit Fountain. The bronze sculpture a few doors down from his Ukrainian Village gallery looks just like a very large pile of dog crap, and as such has attracted plenty of commentary over the six years it’s been in existence.

The fountain is attention grabbing, to be sure. But there’s another sculpture of Kenar’s, on the outside wall of his Wooden Gallery (1007 N. Wolcott), that’s never seemed to attract much notice but is at least as worthy of it. The enormous wooden piece, impressive in both scale and execution, resembles a woven grid. I’ve never seen the inside of the gallery—its website is defunct, and Kenar has never responded to my attempts to contact him—but every time I walk by the sculpture outside, I think about trying again.

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