dog dna test

Every dog owner has a special place in their heart for their canine companion. You want to know as much about your dog as possible to give him the best life. While the best way to get to know your pup is to spend time with him, a DNA test is also an incredibly useful tool.

With a dog DNA test, you can discover your dog’s exact breed. The information can give you insight into his behavior, from separation anxiety to high energy levels. It can also help prepare your pup for a healthy future. Every breed has its own unique set of health concerns that appear as dogs age.

Maybe discovering your dog’s breed will tell you which conditions to watch out for in the future. Maybe it will help you understand his energy levels and favorite activities. At the very least, knowing your pup’s breed will help you ensure you feed him the right diet.

It is also just fun to know your dog’s lineage. You probably have a general idea of where your ancestors came from and may even know more than that. Don’t you want to know the same about your dog, as he’s a member of your family?

Doggie DNA tests are an incredibly easy way of getting this information. In most cases, you don’t even have to take your dog anywhere. You just buy a kit that gives you instructions for getting a sample from your pup. Then, you send in some of his saliva or something similar and wait for the results.

Top 5 Dog DNA Test Kits of 2022

  1. DNA My Dog
  2. Embark Veterinary
  3. Orivet
  4. The Spruce Pets
  5. Wisdom Panel

We understand the urge to learn more about your dog’s breed. Whether you want to adjust his diet to meet breed-specific needs, want to know what health issues to look for, or are just curious, you should be able to discover your dog’s breed easily.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve researched the various dog DNA test kits on the market and compared their pros and cons. After careful evaluation, we’ve chosen our top kits.

You can use this buying guide to choose one of our top five kits or evaluate whether to use another kit someone recommended to you. But we also provide all the information you need to choose among them yourself. At the end of this guide, you should have all the information you need to confidently buy a kit and discover what your dog’s DNA has to tell you.

If you encounter a dog DNA kit that isn’t on our list, we suggest you do some of your own research on the brand. Use our buying guide below and compare it to the five brands we did choose. From there, you can decide which one to opt for.

Now it’s time to look at each of the best dog DNA tests to get a better idea of why they made our top picks.

#1: DNA My Dog

Compared to many of the other doggie DNA tests on the market, the options from DNA My Dog are very affordable. The test costs less than half of that of some competitors. This makes it a great choice for dog owners on a budget.

Of course, the fact that it is cheaper also means that you won’t get as much extra information. You still get the breakdown of your dog’s breed that you want, but not too much more. It also only has 95 dog breeds in its database, which is pretty limited compared to other databases containing more than 350 breeds. This may not be the ideal DNA test if you suspect your pup is a rarer breed.

How It Works and Wait Time

As with all the other kits, DNA My Dog requires you to collect some saliva from your pup’s cheek. Then, you send in the sample.

DNA My Dog has a surprisingly quick turnaround time of just one week. Some of its speed likely comes from the fact that the company mostly checks for breed information.

Breed and Ancestry, Including Personality and Health

The results from the DNA My Dog test mostly focus on your dog’s breed. Based on the breed composition that the test finds, the company shares other information about the breed in general. This means you will learn more about the breeds’ personality traits and potential health issues.

In terms of identifying breeds, DNA My Dog measures five levels of breed composition. Level one refers to breeds that make up more than 75% of your dog’s DNA. Level five breeds make up less than 5%. You will see a detailed list of all the breeds in your dog’s DNA and receive a certificate displaying the information.

Remember that the information about personality and health will not be specific to your dog. Rather, the information comes from trends based on the breed. This contrasts with some tests, like the Embark Breed + Health test, which will look at health markers on your dog’s genetic code.

Even though the information is about your dog’s breeds in general, it can still be incredibly useful. After all, health problems and personality traits have strong tendencies to run in breeds.

Customized Life Plan and Other Information

The report from DNA My Dog also includes a customized life plan. In addition to the general information, this test can also give some insight into your dog’s health. This comes from its ability to look at the length of your canine’s telomeres. These protective caps sit on the end of the chromosomes and shrink with age. Looking at them gives an idea of your pup’s longevity and biological age.

Good Customer Service

The customer service from DNA My Dog is highly rated. You can talk to them on live chat, which many dog owners prefer. There is also the convenient option of talking to a DNA specialist.

#2. Embark Veterinary

Embark is probably the best-known name in the world of canine DNA tests. The latest kits from the brand do more than just give you breed information; they also give you insights into your pup’s health. You can get such information from the Embark Breed & Health Kit.

That said, Embark also offers several other tests. For example, the Embark Purebred DNA Test is a good choice if you want to confirm that your pup is the purebred you think he is.

The Embark Breed + Health Kit is a joint effort between Embark and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. This kit goes beyond just giving you information on your dog’s breed and lineage. It will also connect you with other dog owners and give you health information. On top of that, it is easy to use, and the results are clear and easy to understand.


The Embark DNA testing involves looking at nearly double the genetic markers of some competing DNA tests. This increases its accuracy, and the company claims its accuracy is between 95 percent and 99 percent.

To help with its accuracy, the Embark testing includes most of the AKC-recognized breeds. It also includes the gray wolf and some native breeds and landraces. The test checks for 90% of the AKC’s 208 breeds and others not in the database for a total of over 360 breeds. Your dog’s report includes anything accounting for at least 5% of his ancestry. Anything else goes in a category called “supermutt.”

To help ensure the test results are accurate, Embark’s systems look at around 246 quadrillion genetic ancestry combinations. If any results are suspicious, the scientists cross-check them manually.

Comprehensive Health Information

One of the primary advantages of the Embark Breed + Health kit compared to previous Embark DNA tests is that it also gives you health information about your dog. Specifically, it looks for health markers that are genetically linked. This part of the test checks for more than 200 mutations. It has 99.99 percent accuracy.

Of course, the kit can only see what your dog’s DNA shows it. This means that the health information is limited to genetic markers. And just because the test doesn’t say your dog has any specific markers doesn’t mean he or she will always be healthy. You will have to visit your vet to confirm whether your dog has symptoms of those issues.

One nice feature is that Embark won’t exclude genetic testing results just because your dog is unlikely to develop the disease. For example, if your small breed has genetic markers for a disease only affecting large dogs, it will still appear on the test results. This contrasts with some other companies, such as Wisdom Panel. On Embark, the genetic health issues show up as “clear,” “carrier,” or “at risk.”

Don’t think of the health information provided as a 100 percent accurate diagnosis. Instead, think of it as a preliminary test to let you know what to look out for. This gives you and your vet more guidance on your pup’s health. Combine this knowledge with regular visits to the vet to make sure your dog leads a healthy life.

Even better, bring the health results to your next vet appointment, so your vet can tell you more information about the various markers and potential conditions. This can make it even easier for you to spot early symptoms that would otherwise go unnoticed. Or your vet may give you advice on how to reduce your pup’s risk of developing the issues in question.

Additional Guidance for Concerning Findings

Embark clearly understands that learning your dog has genetic markers of an alarming or serious condition can be emotionally overwhelming. This comes through in their unique approach with potentially alarming findings. Multiple reviewers whose dogs had concerning results said that a geneticist talked to them even before they got the report. This personal touch helps prevent overreactions or undue concern and ensures that pet owners understand the implications of the test results.

How It Works and Wait Time

The Embark DNA kits are as straightforward as they come. Just get a cheek swab from your dog and send it in. You rub the swab on your dog’s cheek and under his tongue for half a minute to a minute, then put it in a tube with a stabilizing solution. You will usually get your results within two or four weeks.

As a bonus, Embark is good at keeping pet owners updated about the status of their DNA test results.

Accessible and Easy-to-Understand Report

The information you get from the Embark DNA kit is easy to understand and available in a few ways. You will likely start by logging into the Embark website and looking at the results on their intuitive dashboard. If you want a nice summary, download the report. That report is also printer-friendly, making it easy to take with the vet or put in a folder for safekeeping at home.

Whether you look at the report or the dashboard, you will appreciate the visuals and charts that make the information easier to digest. The dashboard also features a traditional family tree that shows data up to your pup’s great-grandparents.

Connect with Related Dogs

This Embark DNA test has one feature that is common in human DNA tests but still rare in canine ones. It compares your dog’s DNA to that of the other dogs in its database. If Embark notices that your dog shares DNA with another dog in its system, it will connect you with them.

Maybe you’ll find your pup’s long-lost littermate, and they’ll recognize each other. Or maybe you’ll find a distant cousin of your dog. Even if your dog never met their relative, they may hit it off.

Other Information Included

Your results from Embark also include a “genetic human age” and your dog’s “wolfiness” score. These are just fun bits of information to learn about your dog.

Good Customer Service

Reviewers agree that Embark’s customer service is great. This is to be expected from any company that has geneticists reach out to cushion the blow of potentially alarming findings.

The wait time on the phone is usually five minutes or less. Embark responds to most emails within a business day and frequently sooner.

Bonus: More on the Purebred DNA Test

As mentioned, Embark also has a DNA Test for Purebred Dogs. This is specific to purebred dogs and looks at about 8% of your dog’s genome, including over 220,000 genetic markers. That level of detail is helpful if you want additional details about your furry friend’s genetic lineage. Just remember that organizations like the AKC also consider physical traits when determining purebred status. So, the results of this test may help you show your dog is purebred, but they don’t guarantee anything.

You also get information on genetic diversity, including the coefficient of inbreeding (COI). The results compare your dog’s COI to the average among all breeds and his breed. Remember that while a higher COI can help maintain the breed’s traits, it can also lead to health issues.

This test also analyzes physical traits and health risks, so you get the benefit of the health information from the Breed + Health Kit.

#3. Orivet

Orivet offers another budget-friendly option for pet parents who want to discover or confirm what breeds their dogs are. The brand has a strong reputation among veterinarians and breeders, in addition to pet owners. Part of this reputation comes from its globally-recognized programs and procedures for breed clubs and more.

This is one of the newer dog DNA test kits on the market, but it has already made a name for itself, thanks to the brand’s previous reputation. One of the stand-out features of Orivet is that it offers a variety of test kits for dogs as well as cats.

What the Tests Tell You

You can stick to a simple DNA identification test if you are on a budget. You can also go for a more in-depth version. This in-depth version will also give you a plan that is customized to your dog to maximize his health and happiness. It includes nutritional, health, and lifestyle tips.

You also get a health risk classification so you can gauge the health of your dog. This makes the Orivet tests very popular among breeders, as these tests provide a way to ensure that they breed the healthiest dogs and get strong pups.

Tests for All Budgets

Keep in mind that because Orivet offers a variety of tests, not all of them are budget-friendly. If you stick to the basic test, Orivet is easily among the most affordable options. However, some of the brand’s tests that give you more information are more expensive than competitors.

How It Works and Wait Time

As with most of the tests, you swab the interior of your dog’s mouth to collect a sample. The swabs are nice and long, making it easier to collect the sample. You are supposed to let the samples dry slightly before putting the swabs back in the box.

Orivet also has some of the fastest results you can get from dog DNA tests. Some of the reports will be available within just 10 days of Orivet receiving the sample.

Excellent Customer Service

Those who have used Orivet to test their dog’s DNA agree that the brand has excellent customer service.

#4. The Spruce Pets

The Spruce Pets aims to provide dog owners with trustworthy veterinary advice, in addition to a better understanding of their dogs. The company has board-certified vet specialists on the Spruce Vets Veterinary Review Board to give you reliable information. They always fact-check the information they provide and ensure this information is backed by research.

The fact that the Spruce Pets DNA test was developed by a well-respected team with plenty of vet and education experience reassures pet owners about the accuracy of the results.

A Brand Focused on Education

Most people have heard of the Spruce Pets for its educational efforts, not its DNA testing. In terms of education, the brand’s website features more than 4,000 comprehensive articles on a variety of pet-related topics. It has been publishing these articles for 20 years, making it a leader in keeping the public informed about pet care and health.

As part of its educational focus, the Spruce Pets includes registered veterinary technicians, veterinarians, doctors, and trainers. The brand takes the same thorough approach with its DNA testing as it has with its educational articles.

How It Works

Before you can start the process of sending in a sample to the Spruce Pets for testing, you will need to create an online account. This also gives you the chance to upload a photo. If you do, this photo will be included on the certificate of results for your dog.

As expected, the kit comes with swabs that you rub inside your dog’s mouth for a few seconds. You then ship them to the lab. You will pay for the shipping, but it only costs $1. The low shipping price partly comes from the fact that you ship the swabs in a sturdy paper envelope that the brand provides.

Once you send the sample in, you will typically get results back in around a week.

What to Expect from the Results

Once the results are processed, you will get an email with a PDF containing the results and a certificate. The results show the percentage of each breed in your dog.

You will also notice that the Spruce Pets has five levels of categorization for your pet’s genealogy. Highly mixed breeds will typically see level one or two breeds in the results.

#5. Wisdom Panel

If your dog’s breed is a complete mystery to you, then Wisdom Panel is a good option. This is also a great choice if your suspect your dog is one of the rarer breeds. This comes from the fact that Wisdom Panel tests for an incredibly impressive number of more than 350 breeds. This is much more than most other tests. Keep in mind that Wisdom Panel tests for about 100,00 genetic markers.

How It Works and Wait Time

As expected, you rub a swab in your dog’s mouth, then send this to Wisdom Panel for them to test. After swabbing your dog’s cheek, you stand the swab wands up in the box so they can dry before mailing. The testing process will take about three weeks. The kit includes prepaid postage for convenience. As with the other top tests, you can track the progress of your kit while it is being processed.

The Depth of the Breed Results

As mentioned, Wisdom Panel tests for and identifies more dog breeds than most competitors. Overall, it has more than 350 different breeds, including those commonly excluded from other tests. Examples of those included breeds include wolves, coyotes, Brazilian terriers, and Mexican street dogs. In addition to that, the results will give you breed results back to your pup’s great-grandparents.

You also get some basic information about your dog’s breed or breeds. Owners of puppies will also appreciate the weight range predictions that come with your results.

As you look at the breed results, you will notice that Wisdom Panel includes any breed that accounts for at least 1 percent of your dog’s ancestry. This is a tighter range than many other tests, but it is also worth noting that it can be hard to distinguish when the percentages are so small.

Health Checks

While health checks are not the focus of Wisdom Panel, the company does check for 211 genetic diseases. You will see “clear,” “notable,” or “at risk” for each trait. Keep in mind that to get the health checks, you need to choose the Wisdom Panel Premium Test, not the Essential one. The primary difference between the two is that the Essential Test does not include checks for health markers.

It is also worth noting that in the past, Wisdom Panel has hidden “irrelevant” findings even though they were “at risk.” It has done so without telling the pet owners. This contrasts with Embark’s policy of always listing the markers, even if the disease is unlikely to affect your dog’s breed.

Other Information Included

In addition to the breed information and health information, the results include genetic markers for physical traits like coat type and color.

Easy-to-Read Results

The results are not just detailed, but they are also easy to read and understand. When you log into your account, you will see a pie chart showing your pup’s breeds. Clicking on any breed gives you details about that breed, including predisposition and average height and weight.

As mentioned, you also get to see information on your pup’s grandparents. This is done in a visually intuitive way, the popular family tree. This will show the breed makeup of your canine companion’s parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. It’s an easily digestible visual representation of the information.

No Easy Sharing Option

You can share your dog’s Wisdom Panel results online, but it requires extra steps. There is no direct way to do so via the web portal where you see the results. While this only means you need to take a photo and post the photo instead, this social media sharing offered by some competitors may be important for some pet owners.

Of course, you can still download a report that is easy to print.

Dog DNA Test Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Canine DNA Test Kits

Now that you’re familiar with the best dog DNA tests, how did we decide that these are the top picks? The criteria we used to choose the top test kits are the same factors that we suggest using if you want to choose between them or evaluate another option.

The importance you give each of the factors will depend on your preferences, but you should at least consider the following.


Most dog DNA tests will have similar instructions. You take the provided swabs and rub them around the inside of your dog’s cheek. Then, you put the swab in the package and send it off. But there are a surprising number of variations mixed into these standard instructions.

Some tests will tell you to rub the swab around for a certain amount of time, typically somewhere between 20 seconds and a minute. Some will explicitly tell you to let the swab dry before shipping it. Some will tell you to make sure that your dog doesn’t eat anything for a few hours before the test.

The best test kits will have clear results, regardless of what their specific swabbing instructions are. You want to be able to easily perform the test in a way that reduces the risk of contamination.

Ease of Testing and Packaging

When looking at instructions to choose a test, you may also want to look at how easy the kit is to use. No matter the kit you choose, you will have to get your dog to stay still long enough to get the sample.

But there are variations in other parts of the kit. What is the shape of the swab? Is the stick portion long enough to give you flexibility and prevent you from having to stick your hand inside your dog’s mouth?

If the samples need to dry before you send them in, does the kit include something you can rest them on while they dry? After all, just putting them on a random surface could contaminate the samples.

How many swabs does the kit come with? Most feature two swabs in case something goes wrong with one of them. The best companies will even send you replacement swabs if necessary.

Then, think about how easy it is to send in the sample. The kit should ideally include the envelope or small box you will send the swabs in. It should be pre-labeled, so you just have to stick it in the mailbox. Most of the time, the package will be prepaid as well, but this can be an additional cost to consider.

User-Friendly Results

No matter the type of information or results you are looking for from your doggie’s DNA test, you want to make sure that you can easily understand them. Most companies include visuals and written explanations in their analysis. This way, you can choose which method is easier for you to understand.

You will notice that most companies use pie charts and similar graphs to show the percentage of each breed in your dog’s genetic makeup. If the results include your dog’s parents and grandparents with their breed information, this usually appears in a traditional family tree format.

No single format for the results is going to be better than the others; it will largely depend on your preference. You just want to make sure it is easy to understand.

If you plan on bringing the results with you to the vet or printing out a copy for your records, check if the brand offers a printable version. The best brands on this list have both printable reports and interactive versions on their online portals.

Do you plan on sharing the results anywhere else, such as on social media? Many brands let you do so directly from the results portal. With others, you will have to take a photo of the results and then upload that to your social media page.

Fast Results

You will want to consider how long you are willing to wait to get the test results back. Most of the kits deliver results in two to four weeks, but there are some exceptions. If you want the results extremely quickly, you may even want to look into one of the options that offer expedited results for a fee.

Accuracy of Results

Most dog DNA test brands don’t offer a percentage accuracy for their test results. Some, like Wisdom Panel, used to but no longer do. That being said, some companies do. Embark, for example, says its results are 95 percent to 99 percent accurate. While a higher level of accuracy is better, you will have to accept that not all companies publish their accuracy. As such, you may have to just look at the company’s reputation.

Breeds and Genetic Markers Tested For

Even if your chosen brand doesn’t have data on the accuracy of its results, you can get a feel for this based on what they test for. Pay attention to the number of breeds tested for as well as the number of genetic markers tested. Both Embark and Wisdom Panel test for more than 350 breeds, which makes them industry leaders.

Of course, if you think your dog is a common breed, then the number of breeds tested for doesn’t matter as much. After all, your dog is likely to be included. However, if you want every bit of information possible from your pup’s doggy DNA, you probably want a test that checks for more breeds.

The other related point is the number of genetic markers tested for. Embark is an industry leader in this respect, testing for 200,000 genetic markers. To give an idea of how impressive this figure is, remember that Wisdom Panel, another leader and top pick, only tests for 100,000.

Breeds Percent Requirements for Inclusion

You also want to pay attention to the criteria for including a breed in the results. Many tests will only include breeds if they make up at least 5 percent of your dog’s DNA. Some will do so as long as they account for at least 1 percent. But there may not be as big of a difference there as you think. Experts aren’t confident that anything under 5 percent has significant meaning or accuracy.

Depth of Results

One of the big questions to ask yourself is the level of detail you expect from the test results. Do you just want to know what breed your dog is, and that’s it? Or do you want extra information about the various breeds?

Some people are fine with a simple print-out with breed names and percentages. Others want detailed information about their dog’s health based on their chromosomes and what diseases they are at risk for.

Some people are happy to do breed research themselves after getting the test results. Others prefer test results that include information on the breeds, either printed out or at a link.

Health-Related Genetic Testing

One of the most important considerations when thinking about the depth of the results that you want is whether you want the test to look at genetic markers for health conditions. Several of our top choices will let you know if your pooch is a carrier of a genetic marker or is at risk, but others don’t.

From there, you want to consider the company’s policy of excluding or including certain genetic markers that don’t apply. Remember that Embark always includes genetic markers even if your dog has a low or non-existent chance of developing the disease. Meanwhile, Wisdom Panel will exclude these and not tell you about the exclusion unless you ask. One of these approaches may appeal to you more than the other.

When deciding if you want to opt for a DNA test kit that includes screening for health issues caused by genetics, there is a very important caveat to remember. There is no regulation at all for these tests. This means that there isn’t a proven link between the genetic results and the disease. As such, you should always take the results with a grain of salt. As mentioned earlier, think of it as something to watch out for and potentially take steps to prevent. Don’t take it as a guarantee.

Brand’s Scientific Experience

Yet another way to help you gauge the accuracy of your chosen test is to look at the brand’s experience. The best companies closely work with geneticists and are part of ongoing research into dog genetics. Other top companies will also have vets on staff. Looking at the scientific experience of the brand helps you confirm that it has the necessary expertise to provide accurate tests.

Brand’s Charitable Activity

Some of the brands offering DNA tests also give back to the community in some ways. Shelter dog programs are especially common. For example, DNA My Dog has a shelter program that gives shelters in the United States and Canada funds. Wisdom Panel also works with an animal rights organization.

If you prioritize giving your money to a brand that does good, take a few minutes to check your chosen test’s website for their charitable contributions, if any.

Additional Features: Nutritional Advice

The main information you want to get from your dog’s DNA test is the breakdown of his breeds. Maybe you want some additional breed-specific information and some useful insights and advice for your dog’s health. But some people also hope to get nutritional advice from their dog’s test results.

For most companies, this is as simple as telling you your dog’s dominant breed, then giving you nutritional advice for those breeds. But not all companies even do this. On the other hand, some will give you more detailed information about suggested diets based on both breeds and health markers.

Additional Features: Dog Owner Networking

Another extra feature to think about is the dog owner networking included with Embark. This is a unique feature that is similar to what we have come to expect from human DNA tests. If you want your pup to make new canine friends, this can be a great feature. But if you are just doing the test to learn more about your dog, you can probably skip it.

Make Sure It Is the Right Type of Test

It is worth mentioning that there are many different types of dog DNA tests on the market. The ones highlighted in this guide let you identify your dog’s breed and potentially any genetically-linked health complications. But there are also other dog DNA tests available.

For example, the American Kennel Club offers a test that lets breeders and purebred owners confirm parentage of a dog. This is used in breeding paperwork and AKC registration. And some of the brands mentioned above, including Wisdom Panel and Embark, design tests specifically for breeders. Those tend to focus on genetic health testing, physical traits, and possibly the percentage of the breed.

These tests have a unique purpose, so make sure you choose to buy one that fits your goals.

Should You Give Your Dog a DNA Test?

If you are reading this article, you are likely at least strongly considering giving your pup a doggy DNA test. We briefly touched on some of the reasons you may want to use one of these tests, but it is worth mentioning them again.

Looking at the benefits of testing can do more than just confirm you want to test your dog. It can also help you choose a kit. For example, if one of your goals is to know what diseases your pup is at risk of, you should probably choose a kit that also does health screenings.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common benefits or reasons people use dog DNA tests.

Find Potential Health Problems

While not all == dog DNA tests look for genetic markers associated with health risks, several do. This can be very reassuring for pet owners who want to better gauge their pup’s health.

Remember that even if you don’t choose a test that looks at genetic markers, you can get an idea of potential health risks from the breed information. That process is as simple as doing an online search for a specific breed’s health concerns.

If this is one of your goals with the test, just remember that the DNA tests will only look at genetic markers. Even if there is a genetic marker, there is no guarantee your dog will develop the condition. There are also conditions that may have more than one cause. For example, kidney disease can be hereditary or age-related.

As such, you need to think of the testing as a guide as to what aspects of your dog’s health to pay more attention to.

Learn More About the Breed

The other major reason that pet owners test their dog’s DNA is to learn more about their breed. This can be as simple as someone adopting a dog and being curious about its breed. Or it can include the desire to learn everything you can about a breed, from personality traits to health issues to behavior.

Learning about your pup’s personality via breed information is a particularly popular aspect of this, as are the health concerns. This lets you make sure that you meet your dog’s breed’s unique needs in terms of activity level, nutrition, and training. For example, maybe you will adapt your training style to match your dog’s breed.

Helping a Shelter Dog Find a New Human

Some shelters or foster parents may also find themselves wanting to test the DNA of some of their dogs. This is particularly helpful with breeds that are similar in appearance to those that are hard to find homes for. Even if you can’t counter someone’s preconceived (potentially false) notions about a given breed, it may become easier for the dog to find a home if you provide concrete proof about the dog’s true breed.

This can even help without any negative associations to overcome. Shelters can promote a dog as “part [breed]” and appeal to potential adopters who have always had that breed but prefer to adopt instead of buy.

The Bottom Line

Dog DNA tests are an excellent way of learning more about your dog. They are particularly popular for those situations when you aren’t sure what breed your dog is, but they can also help you confirm what you already knew. There are plenty of tests on the market, and many of them will also look at genetic markers for potential health issues.

With the new information from your dog’s test results, you can adjust your activities, his diet, or even your training style to better match his breed. You can become aware of what health issues to keep an eye out for.

The bottom line is that DNA tests let you learn more about your dog and ensure he lives a long, happy, healthy life.