No matter the type of business you run, having a strong social media presence is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Instagram is especially important, as visual content tends to be more memorable and interesting.

The issue is that to gain more Instagram followers, or followers on any other social media platform, you need to have some. People are more likely to look at your page if you already have plenty of followers, as it indicates your content is worth following.

One of the most time-effective ways of doing this is to buy Instagram followers. For the best results, you want to combine your purchase of followers with strategies to grow and maintain your audience.

The good news is that there are numerous websites that let you buy Instagram followers. You just need to figure out which ones are safe, as some of them are scams or have security concerns. To make that easy for you, we’ve gathered a list of the best sites where you can buy Instagram followers.

1.  MediaMister

Media Mister is among the oldest companies selling Instagram followers. They also offer other types of engagement on Instagram and other social media platforms, such as likes and views.

The company only provides high-quality followers who are likely to interact and unlikely to drop. It even offers a money-back guarantee. As a bonus, Media Mister accepts various payment methods.

2.  BlastUp

100 followers for $2.99. Pretty good deal, right? You can use BlastUp to buy Instagram likes, views, or automated likes in addition to followers. This is one of the rare websites that focuses solely on offering services for your Instagram page.

That specialization has its pros and cons. It means that you will have to find another service for similar packages for your other social media pages. On the other hand, it also lets BlastUp focus all of its energy on its Instagram services. This maximizes its ability to stay up to date with algorithm changes and anything else.

BlastUp is known for its affordable yet genuine services. They have 24-hour support and timely delivery. This is also one of the extremely rare companies that offers a free trial. This trial consists of 50 likes on one post. You can use that trial to confirm whether you like the company’s services.

3.  Buzzoid

Buzzoid is among the best-known sites that sell Instagram followers, and for good reason. It is one of the oldest websites offering this service and has built a strong reputation in that time. In fact, it claims that it has more than a million satisfied customers.

Like most of the other sites that made our list, it only takes a few clicks to buy followers. They charge $2.97 for 100 followers. The price per follower decreases the more you buy. The company also has a great customer support team that is quick to respond.

One great feature on Buzzoid that you won’t find everywhere else is that the followers are real and mainly from your target audience. That increases their interest in the content you post, something which naturally leads to more engagement.

Another somewhat unique feature is the company’s automated offerings. These offerings automatically detect your new content on Instagram and then add followers (or likes or comments) when new content is detected. You also receive your money back if your service isn’t delivered on time and as promised.

4.  Famoid

Famoid lets you buy real active Instagram followers. As a bonus to retain the value of its packages, Famoid offers “automatic compensation.” This is essentially its guarantee to replace any followers who you paid for but who drop. This way, you get as many followers as you paid for. The same guarantee applies to their Instagram likes as well.

The only caveat from this service is that sometimes the rate of growth for your followers is slightly inconsistent. This comes from the way that Famoid makes it look like you gained followers organically.

At $3.95 per 100 followers, they’re a little more on the expensive side. However, you can count on the services from Famoid, as the team there has more than five years of experience. They also take your privacy seriously, not requiring any information other than your e-mail address and Instagram username. Your payment details are safe as well, thanks to Safe Charge or PayPal.

5.  FamUps

Famups has successfully gained the trust of its clients despite having a short history. It partly does so by offering a range of packages to fit every budget and level of need. This company offers customer support 24/7 and promises to deliver its packages on time. $12 for 100 followers is a similar price to competitors.

If you like the Instagram packages from Famups, you may also want to consider their YouTube, Twitter, or SoundCloud packages. Regardless of the service you choose, this company always strives to give you quality followers that will boost your engagement. It also takes care to follow all Instagram rules.


As is the case with the other top Instagram follower services, Fastlikes will only give you real followers, not bots or fake accounts. The use of real followers means that some of them may even engage with your Instagram, reducing your need to buy extra views or likes.

You can use this company’s services for a well-rounded social media strategy, as Fastlikes also offers similar packages for Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. All of those services also offer real followers, not bots.

To give you more confidence in the quality of their services, Fastlikes will replenish your follower count if some of the followers you order drop. Additionally, it has affordable pricing, starting at just $3.99 for 250 followers. This small starting size for packages helps the website offer bundles that fit everyone’s needs and budget. Additionally, you get 24/7 customer service.

7.  Follower Packages

As the name implies, FollowerPackages sells a range of packages to let you instantly gain followers on Instagram and other pages, like SoundCloud and YouTube. The team there prides themselves on quick delivery, and the followers they deliver are genuine, increasing your chances of engagement. Remember that engagement helps attract more organic followers and engagement.

There are multiple packages to choose from, although the smallest one is larger than the smallest on some other sites on this list. For just $19, you can get 1,000 followers. Or you can opt for a larger package.

8.  FriendlyLikes

When you buy Instagram followers from FriendlyLikes, they will interact with your posts and your brand, boosting your engagement. In addition to followers, this company also offers comments, views, and likes.

FriendlyLikes has nearly six years of experience and respects your privacy. As is standard, you only need provide your Instagram username, no password. However, it is worth noting that there is no live chat for support, and the company doesn’t offer automated services yet. $3.90 for 50 followers is a little on the expensive side, but the quality’s there and it’s worth a shot.

9.  GetViral

GetViral claims it is the “most reliable” website for buying Instagram followers. In addition to buying followers for your Instagram page, you can also buy views or likes. As a note, it also offers Twitter packages.

GetViral is so popular because of its quick delivery and quality followers who do not drop. Instead of giving you bots as followers, you get real, organic followers. You can choose from a variety of packages, as small as 500 or as large as 50,000. Of course, you can also buy multiple packages if you need to.

10.  Goldstar Social

Goldstar Social has the goal of helping clients boost their visibility on Instagram by increasing views, followers, and likes. Some of those views and likes come as a direct result of bought Instagram followers, as this company provides real accounts that may engage with you.

As is the case with most other similar services, Goldstar Social offers a range of packages for Instagram followers. This lets you choose one that makes the most sense based on your audience size, needs, and budget.

This company also has a quick turnaround time and doesn’t ask for any personal information.

11.  Growthsilo

Growthsilo offers a bit more than most of the other Instagram follower services on this list. Like the best ones, it sells actual Instagram followers. But it also uses interaction and other organic development strategies to deliver targeted followers instead of just anyone.

What sets Growthsilo apart, however, is that you get dedicated account managers who personally monitor your growth as part of this fully managed service. You give your account manager your target, and they will generate more user interest for you. The more specific you are with your instructions and targets, the better results you will receive.

As fully managed services, Growthsilo offers monthly plans instead of one-time purchases. You can choose from two of these plans, letting you select the one that works best with your needs and budget.

12.  Growthoid

Growthoid is another manual service that gets fully personalized to your needs. You get an account manager who personalizes your growth strategy to maximize your followers.

After the initial sign-up process, you talk to your account manager about targeting preferences. This is the time to tell them about your key objectives, usernames, locations, and hashtags. You also get access to other excellent support staff. You can choose which of the two no-commitment plans you prefer. The lack of commitment makes Growthoid highly flexible.

13.  iDigic

As soon as you visit iDigic’s website, you will see why it made our list. The user interface is slick, and the website looks very professional.

iDigic also has excellent custom targeting tools that let you completely customize the specifications you want for your audience.

iDigic relies on automation to deliver your Instagram followers slowly, which seems more naturally. This reduces the risk of Instagram algorithms (or your organic followers) noticing your purchase. iDigic also has 24/7 support with real people and sells views for Instagram reels and stories as well.

14. Insta Mama

Insta Mama has a great reputation for always putting its customers first. It stands out from competitors by offering highly personalized strategies. Its services also stand out for being highly adaptable, and working well with your needs and your Instagram environment.

Before Insta Mama begins a campaign, it always considers all aspects of marketing to deliver great results. It also relies on its experience to consistently achieve the results that clients want.

15. Jarvee

Jarvee is a little different than the other sites. It’s marketing automation. You get more than just more followers. It’s a Windows-based program, but if you don’t have a Windows device, it offers alternatives. One very nice feature of Jarvee is that it offers a five-day trial. This is a longer trial than most competitors offer, giving you a good opportunity to decide whether you like the service.

Jarvee also uses various strategies to protect your Instagram account, as Instagram is not fond of automation. The company will gladly go into more detail about these measures with you. Jarvee always has strategies for expanding your follower count as well as protecting your account, giving you a very useful service.

16. Krootez

As with most of the other websites on our list, buying Instagram followers from Krootez ensures that you don’t accidentally pay for fake accounts or bots. Instead, you only get follows from genuine accounts. This is also true of the company’s offerings for Instagram views and likes.

To make life easier for you, Krootez also offers a monthly plan in addition to its one-time purchases. With these plans, the service will automatically detect your new Instagram posts. From there, it starts automatically delivering likes to your post within just 30 seconds. This subscription service doesn’t even have daily post restrictions, letting you make as many posts as you want. That lack of restrictions is especially rare, even among other Instagram follower services that offer subscriptions.

17. Mr. Insta

If you want to buy followers from a company that was specifically created to sell Instagram packages, then Mr. Insta is a great option. This company always prioritizes its customers, doing everything it can to ensure your satisfaction. This leads to a great user experience and excellent reviews.

While many of the services from Mr. Insta are familiar from other websites on this list, the company also offers some unique services, and the quality of its services helps it stand out. The customer support is also excellent, readily taking care of any problems that may arise.

18. Nitreo

Instead of just selling you Instagram followers, Nitreo is one of the handful of companies on this list that helps you grow them yourself. Their team includes innovators and creators who always come up with new strategies and ways to get the right connections with your followers and audience.

The team at Nitreo has extensive social media marketing training. They also rely on consumer psychology to customize your product. This gives them the skills needed to promote any Instagram page, whether it’s for people, products, or services.

19. PlentyGram

PlentyGram is a versatile website, letting you buy followers for Instagram as well as engagement on TikTok. The engagement packages for either of those platforms are not limited to followers either, as you can also get likes and more.

You will get quick delivery from PlentyGram, as well as real Instagram profiles that engage with you. This provides a much higher value than you would get with bots.

20. SidesMedia

SidesMedia has vast experience providing Instagram followers, likes, shares, and views, giving you plenty of confidence in its services. It also has a reputation for staying up to date with the latest advancements. The team there takes advantage of that to deliver high-quality service and to offer various tips to their customers.

This is also one of the rare Instagram follower services that lets you choose your target audience, including age. It also actively avoids bots and fake accounts, so all of your new followers will be from real accounts. The services are delivered rapidly as well, giving you the quick boost you need.

At $2 per 100 followers, it’s a good deal.

21. Social Monk

Social Monk takes the idea of buying Instagram followers to the next level, as the company will also manage your Instagram page for you. This includes creating content, posting it, and responding. This saves the need to spend your time on social media management or hire someone else to do so.

One of the best things about Social Monk is that the team there does everything manually, especially their Instagram account management. You also have the freedom to cancel your subscription whenever you want without difficulty or financial consequences.


SocialPackages offers similar services to the other websites on this list, but you also get to take advantage of this company’s experience in the industry. It has drop protection with its package, which is a great service that helps ensure you get the full value of your package. That drop protection works by replenishing your followers if they drop. You get the guarantee for a month.

Drop protection helps make the packages from SocialPackages an even better value, but it has competitive pricing even without it. For example, you can buy 2,500 followers for $35, which is a lower than average cost.


With several years of history since starting in 2018, SocialPros provides quality followers on Instagram as well as likes and views. The accounts that follow you will be real and active, contributing to your growth. Like many of the sites on this list, SocialPros also offers similar services for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. It even supports Soundcloud and Twitch.

Packages start at just $2.50 for 100 followers, a nice and competitive price. This is one of the few websites that offers a discount if you buy a larger package of followers. For example, 1,000 followers are $12, and 2,000 are $23. This helps you choose a package that fits your requirements without making you pay for more than you need.

24. Stellation Media

Stellation Media has a sizable team and a number of connections to let them deliver their services. The team always innovates in search of new methods for beating the competition.

This company has the skills and experience to outsmart traditional marketers, instead relying on sophisticated marketing techniques to grow your follower count. Because it will guide you through steps to increase your Instagram followers organically, you will also likely see a boost in likes and comments, as well as engagement on other social media pages.

The dashboard allows you to track growth. It’s a cool feature that sets Stellation apart from other sites.

25. Task Ant

Task Ant leverages popular Instagram hashtags to generate organic followers. It’s not buying followers directly. You’re purchasing their IP, which leads to more followers. Consider it an indirect purchase.

When you work with Task Ant, the team there will determine the most effective method of advertising your products or services to expand your Internet presence. They combine material resources, marketing tools, financial resources, and more. All of these services work together to naturally grow your Instagram followers, as well as other types of engagement on this and other social media platforms.

26. Twicsy

The followers you would get from Twicsy are quality, live followers who will engage with your content. They are also unlikely to stop following you, helping ensure you get your money’s worth. Both Men’s Journal and US Magazine have even voted it as the best site for buying Instagram followers.

As a bonus, Twicsy also has a very straightforward process for registration and buying. You can choose from various packages to get as many followers as you want without paying for extras. You can also get views and likes on Instagram from this company.

27. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert sells followers for Facebook, YouTube, and others in addition to Instagram. This makes it a great place to buy Instagram followers as part of your larger social media strategy.

Pricing from ViewsExpert is highly competitive, starting at just $7 for 500 followers. As an example of a larger package, $200 will get you 20,000 followers. All of the packages include on-time delivery and high-quality service. This is one of the sites that spreads out your follower delivery to make it seem more natural. Depending on your chosen package, you will receive all of the followers in seven to 20 days.

ViewsExpert also has 24/7 customer service and is ready to help you with any issues or questions.

28. ViralRace

ViralRace is yet another well-known name among Instagram follower offerings. It can also boost your views or likes on Instagram. As with the other sites on our list, you will get real followers who are likely to engage with your content.

One of the best and most unique features of ViralRace is that you get to choose your delivery schedule. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that no other service on this list offers. That means that you can choose to go with gradual delivery to make it seem more natural, or you can opt for nearly instant delivery in less than a minute if you need the followers right away.

29. Viralyft

Viralyft is among the most trustworthy websites for buying Instagram followers. This website delivers high-quality followers who engage with your content. In addition to followers, you can also buy video views and likes.

You can choose a package that fits your needs with ease, as they start at just $2.89 for 100 followers. Another very nice touch is that the company offers a money-back guarantee. This helps make it among the most cost-effective websites, especially for this quality of followers. On top of that, it offers customer service 24/7, which not all sites on this page have.

30. DVY Labs

One of the unique features of DVY Labs is that you can get a free sample. This sample consists of some free Instagram followers and likes as a way to see if you like the quality of followers and delivery time.

Assuming you like the free sample, you can get a subscription to gain more followers. DVY Labs is also fairly affordable. The only caveat is that this affordability comes with less-than-ideal targeting services. While the targeting is likely enough for some companies, you may find yourself inputting hundreds of hashtags or wishing for more control.

31. Rushmax

Rushmax is a great choice for those on a budget, as it is among the most affordable sites for buying Instagram followers. Despite the low costs, you still get quality, real followers. You also still receive the followers quickly.

Another great feature of Rushmax is that it supports payment with PayPal and cryptocurrencies in addition to credit and debit cards.

How to Choose Which Platform to Buy Followers From

With so many great choices, how do you choose which website you want to buy your Instagram followers from? Always prioritize companies with good security, reviews, and customer support. Slower delivery is ideal, as it looks more natural.

You also need to decide if you want quick results from a direct purchase of followers or longer-term results from one of the companies that will manage your Instagram account.

Combine Your Purchase With Other Instagram Best Practices

Remember that simply buying Instagram followers isn’t necessarily enough. You need to supplement them with good content to keep them engaged and attract more people. So, use hashtags and captions to your advantage and try creating various types of content, such as photos, reels, stories, and more. Don’t forget to update your bio and create an overall content marketing plan as well.

Final Thoughts

While growing your Instagram following organically produces long-term results, it also takes a long time to achieve. There are dozens of great services that let you buy Instagram followers to give your profile a jumpstart. Having more followers will naturally lead to more engagement. It will also attract more organic followers who will want to see what makes your page so popular.